Vividh Bharati Online

Radio Ashra brings Vividh Bharati Online                                                             

A Few Vividh Bharati Programmes :-

भूले बिसरे गीत  

 07.00 AM - 01.30 GMT
 07.45 AM - 02.15 GMT
स म स  के बहाने व्ब्स  के  तराने
12.00 Noon 06.30  GMT
हिट सुपर हिट
 1.00 PM - 07.30 GMT
मन चाहे  गीत
1.30 PM - 08.00 GMT
सदा बहार नगमे
 2.30 PM - 09.00 GMT
सखी सहेली
3.00 PM - 09.30 GMT
4 PM - 10.30 GMT
जय माला
7.05 PM - 13.35 GMT
आज के फनकार
9.30 PM - 16.00 GMT
छाया गीत
 10.00 PM - 16.30 GMT
आप के फ्र्मैस 
10.30 PM - 17.00 GMT

    Listeners can enjoy listening to their favourite radio station Vividh Bharati Online on this web   
    site. Vividh Bharati can be heard in stereo on a 64 kbps stream running on a commercial server
    with an assured log in of 75 listeners at any given time.
    Listeners are requested to not use the web site to listen to Radio Ashra, if they do so  
    their IP address will be banned on this web site.   
    Use VLC player for best listening experience. You need to download the VLC player, during the 
    download select Mozilla and ActiveX plugins.
    If you already have a VLC player, you may have to reinstall it along with the selected plugins.       
    Download the VLC player HERE : Download the plugins HERE : See Screen Shot HERE :



An Online Thief !
The web site hosted by Rahul is stealing the audio content from Radio Ashra web site. Listeners are requested to not use web site hosted by Rahul to listen to Radio Ashra