Radio Jupiter Work

From about 15 to around 38 MHz Radiation from Jupiter or Jupiter and its moon IO  may be received from the Earth this is possible when a number of factors are correct
1 our own Ionosphere is open for such reception ( Times of little or no sunspot activity)
2 Jupiter is Visible from the location of Mannheim
3 Jupiter may be seen as a 2 elemet Yagi antenna Jupiter is the Radiating element and its moon Io is a Director , the mass of Jupiter with its asociated Magnetic field is to be seen as a reflector. So none Io jupiter Radiation may be received at all times however predictions are possible. So Called Jovian events may be received  when Jupiter has its moon Io between itself and us. Io has been spurting out Volcanic material into space on its orbit around Jupiter for Eons now and so due to the close proximity of IO to Jupiter with this Material acting as a conductor a plasma torus is flowing between Jupiter and Io this causes Radio Wave Radiation between 1 and 2 Tera Watts in power level to be tranmsmitted with Maxima below 30 MHz  all you have to do is turn on your receiver with a short antenna at the right time and you will  Hear Jupiter.when IO is pointing to us , The Best prediction program is Jupiter RadioSTation JSS From  Jim Sky of
Jupiter is not a case of needing good equipment jupiter is so strong if you have bad fillings in your teeth  if you eat a pick of salt you should hear him quite fine ! I am only joking ! alos Ohio State university have predictions , This is a wonderfull project for schools as you can plan real live listening in the Class , a project worth mentioning is Radio Jove , Gust google it