Welcome to the European Radio Astronomy Clubs Headquarters Radio Telescope Site in Mannheim Germany
This Facility is not situated in a Radio Quiet Zone , it is a developement platform  together with the Microwave lab for Hardware that is then manufactured in small batches and then installed World wide at other sites. The Radio Telescope is a test bed for such developement. It does however where Man made Polution allows Perform Radio Astronomical Observations. Where Frequencies Primeraly intended for Radio Astronomy use are disturbed  the Site Reports such activity to CRAF and the ITU for Rectification by local authorities as seen by international Law.
Most work is done on none public networks so this site as well as the Web site from the European Radio Astronomy Club  may be seen to have visiting card funktions in the Internet only. This site however will be expanded  as time goes on to inform people about the Radio Telescope site, Activities as well as how theTelescope is controled Remotely
If you have a genuin interest in Radio Astronomy you should contakt us directly via Mail to Join ERAC as only so will you have access to the organized networks Activities and resources as well as information pool at this point I would like to also introduce you to our Sister Organization SARA the Society of Amateur Radio Astronomers in the USA
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