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SUBELEMENT T7 – Special operations – 2 exam questions – 2 groups
T7A Operating in the field, radio direction finding, radio control, contests, special event stations.
What is a good thing to have when operating a hand-held transceiver away from home?
One or more fully charged spare battery packs
Which of these items would probably not be very useful to include in an emergency response kit?
A 1500 watt output linear amplifier
How can you make the signal from a hand-held radio stronger when operating in the field?
Use an external antenna instead of the rubber-duck antenna
What would be a good thing to have when operating from a location that includes lots of crowd noise?
A combination headset and microphone
What is a method used to locate sources of noise interference or jamming?
Radio direction finding
Which of these items would be the most useful for a hidden transmitter hunt?
A directional antenna
What is a popular operating activity that involves contacting as many stations as possible during a specified period of time?
What is a grid locator?
A letter-number designator assigned to a geographic location
What is a special event station?
A temporary station that operates in conjunction with an  activity of special significance
What is the maximum power allowed when transmitting telecommand signals to radio controlled models?
1 watt
What is the station identification requirement when sending commands to a radio control model using amateur frequencies?
A label indicating the licensee's call sign and address must be affixed to the transmitter

T7B Satellite operations, Doppler shift, satellite sub-bands, LEO, orbit calculations, split frequency operation, operating protocols, AMSAT, ISS communications.
What class of license is required to use amateur satellites?
Any amateur whose license allows them to transmit on the satellite uplink frequency
How much power should you use to transmit when using an amateur satellite?
The minimum amount of power needed to complete the contact
What is something you can do when using an amateur radio satellite?
Talk to amateur radio operators in other countries
Who may make contact with an astronaut on the International Space Station using amateur radio frequencies?
Any amateur with a Technician or higher class license
What is a satellite beacon?
A signal that contains information about a satellite
What should you use to determine when you can access an amateur satellite?
A satellite tracking program
What is Doppler shift?
A change in signal frequency caused by motion through space
What is the name of the group that coordinates the building and/or  launch of the largest number of amateur radio satellites?
What is a satellite sub-band?
A portion of a band where satellite operations are permitted
What is the satellite sub-band on 70-CM?
435 to 438 MHz
What do the initials LEO tell you about an amateur satellite?
The satellite is in a Low Earth Orbit