Radio Teacher Project
Credits and Acknowledgements

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I would like to thank Bob Bytheway, K3DIO for his steady hand, help and encouragement at every phase of this project.
Alan Sewell, N5NA for helping me find the XML version of the Technicians Question Pool and running a great web site full of information for students and instructors.
Earl Paazig, N8KBR for providing me his study guide on the new pool that accelerated the development of this guide.  He also runs a very informative web site that is a great resource for all Amateur Radio tests.
Michael Ballbach, N0ZTQ for making the technician.xml file available on his web site at
As Editor, I would like to dedicate this project to my friend and Elmer, Harry Ridenour, N0CCW (SK) and my friend Carl Ray Finke, W5CRF (ex WB5DDP) (SK).
Paul Guido, N5IUT