66a. Al Quran surah 66 and the wives of Prophet Muhammad (Arabic).


June 2011 (1432 AH).


Al Quran surah 66.


The wives of Prophet Muhammad.

Did Prophet Muhammad divorce any of his wives? No he did not.

When problems came to Prophet Muhammad did he shout at his wives? No he did not.

Did Prophet Muhammad beat his wives when he was angry with them? No he did not.

Allah reveals how Prophet Muhammad not with pressure from one wife but with pressure from many wives solved that conflict.

See Quran 66:1  66:5 comment


Music is not illegal in Islam.

Musical instruments are not illegal in Islam.

Studying music is not illegal in Islam.

Singing is not illegal in Islam.

Do not ban what Allah has not banned.

Do not prohibit what Allah has not prohibited.

Do not declare as being evil what Allah has not declared to be evil.

See Quran 66:1  66:2 comment


Did anyone change Allah’s Torah (Taurat), Allah’s Gospel (Injil) or Allah’s Quran?

Did Prophet Ezra change the Torah (Taurat)?

Did someone change Allah’s Torah (Taurat)?

Did someone change Allah’s Gospel (Injil)?

Did someone change Allah’s Quran?

Prophet Jesus, Prophet Muhammad and Prophet Ezra.

See 66:12 comment






Al Quran surah 66. The wives of Prophet Muhammad.

The wives of Hadhrat Muhammad.

The wives of Hadrat Muhammad.

The wives of Hazrat Muhammad.

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