16. The Quran chapter 16 and who did God say falsely said Prophet Muhammad is "inventing verses?" (English).


May 2011 (1432 AH).


Who did God say falsely said Hazrat Muhammad is "inventing verses?" 
Who did God say falsely said Hadhrat Muhammad is "inventing verses?"


The Quran chapter 16. 

The disbelievers say, “You O Prophet Muhammad are doing nothing but inventing verses.” 
See Quran 16:101 

“Only a man teaches him (Prophet Muhammad) but the speech of whom they suggest (a Christian blacksmith) has a foreign (speech) while this (revelation, The Quran) is in clear Arabic speech. 
See Quran 16:103 

God said discuss with the disbelievers about God in the way that is best. 
See Quran 16:125 

Prayer to anyone except God is like praying to stone idols. 
See Quran 16:1 

The Jewish Sabbath day. The Christian Sabbath day. Is there a Sabbath day in Islam? 
Disagreement between the Jews and the Christians about the observance of the Sabbath day. 
See Quran 16:124 

Who is “The Spirit” (The Spirit of inspiration, The Spirit of revelation)? 
See Quran 16:2 

God revealed the scripture to Prophet Muhammad in the same way as God revealed the scripture to Prophet Moses (Moses) and to Prophet Jesus (Isa). 
God revealed the Quran to Prophet Muhammad in the same way as God revealed the Torah (Taurat) to Prophet Moses (Moses) and the Gospel (Injil) to Prophet Jesus (Isa). 
See Quran 16:43 - 16:44 

God creates things of which you have no knowledge. 
See Quran 16:8 

Do not say falsely with your own tongues, "This is lawful (allowed) and this is unlawful (forbidden)”. 
See Quran 16:116 – 16:117 

The lives that angels take while people are doing wrong. 
See Quran 16:26 - 16:29 

The lives that angels take while people are doing good. 
See Quran 16:30 - 16:32 

Those who reject evil shall have good in their life and in the Hereafter. 
See Quran 16:30 

Paradise is for those who reject evil. 
See Quran 16:30 – 16:32 

The consequences of evil come to you in the Hereafter. 
See Quran 16:34 

What is the purpose of a messenger of God? 
What is the purpose of a prophet of God? 
See Quran 16:35 

God has determined who are guided and who are misguided. 
See Quran 16:37, 16:125 

Most people do not know that they shall be resurrected from death back to life. 
See Quran 16:38 

Mercy is for those who ask for forgiveness. 
See Quran 16:47 

God has said, “Do not worship two gods. There is only One God. So fear Me only.” 
See Quran 16:51 – 16:52 

The invention of Idol worship. 
See Quran 16:56 

The judgment of the stone idol worshippers to bury live unwanted female babies is truly evil. 
See Quran 16:57 - 16:60 

Stone idol worshippers say that angels are God’s daughters. 
See Quran 16:57 

The falsehood of stone idol worship in Mecca, Makkah, Arabia. 
See Quran 16:62 

The devil makes evil deeds seem attractive. 
See Quran 16:63 

Why did God reveal the scriptures to Prophet Mohammad? 
See Quran 16:64 

The grace of God that sustains all of creation. 
See Quran 16:71 

If the people turn away then your duty Prophet Muhammad is only to deliver the message. 
See Quran 16:82 

Disbelief in God by those who believe in stone idol worship. 
See Quran 16:83 

No forgiveness for idol worship is given in the Hereafter. 
See Quran 16:84 

No pardon in the Hereafter for the sin of praying to someone other than God. 
See Quran 16:85 

All things that God has created are a creation that has no power to hear prayer. 
See Quran 16:86 

All the things they use to invent such as praying to anyone except God shall have failed to be of any help to them in the Hereafter. 
See Quran 16:87 

The Quran is revealed to Prophet Muhammad as an explanation of all things necessary to understand God and as guidance in the affairs of mankind and as a mercy to mankind and as good news of resurrection after death and Paradise for those who have submitted to God. 
See Quran 16:89 

God orders justice and good conduct and giving help to relatives. 
God forbids immorality and bad conduct and wickedness. 
See Quran 16:90 

Oaths in the name of God cannot be broken because you are using God as your guarantee and God as your witness that you shall honestly fulfill your agreement. 
See Quran 16:91 

Do not break a treaty after you have given an oath in the name of God. 
Do not make false oaths in the name of God for worldly concerns. 
See Quran 16:92, 16:94, 16:95 

If God had willed He (God) could have made all of you one religion. 
In the Hereafter you shall be questioned about what you used to do. 
See Quran 16:93 

What is with you shall end and what is with God of your good deeds shall endure. 
See Quran 16:96 

The power of Satin. 
See Quran 16:98 – 16:100 

The Holy Spirit (Ruh Al-Qudus) has truly brought the revelation from your Lord (God). 
See Quran 16:102 

Lies against God and God’s messenger Prophet Muhammad. 
See Quran 16:105 

Persecution of Muslims by the stone idol worshippers of Mecca, Makkah, Arabia. 
See Quran 16:110 

Muslims forced to declare disbelief in God against their will because of the threat of death from the stone idol worshippers of Mecca, Makkah, Arabia. 
See Quran 16:106 

Why are disbelievers in God punished in the Hereafter? 
See Quran 16:107 

The disbelievers in God. 
See Quran 16:104 - 16:109 

The people of Mecca, Makkah reject Prophet Muhammad. 
See Quran 16:112 – 16:113 

God’s forgiveness is obtained by asking God for forgiveness. 
See Quran 16:119 

God revealed to Prophet Muhammad “Follow the religion of Prophet Abraham (Ibrahim).” 
See Quran 16:123 

Give punishment that is equivalent or better still be patient. 
See Quran 16:126 

God is with those who keep their duty to God and those who do what is good. 
See Quran 16:128  






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God does not forbid musical instruments, singing and music in Islam.

The Jewish Sabbath, Christian Sabbath and Muslim Friday prayers.

Kosher Jewish food and Halal Muslim food.

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