46a. Al Quran surah 46 and the tribe of A’ad (Arabic).


June 2011 (1432 AH).


Al Quran surah 46. 

No creation that is living or dead has the power of Allah to hear prayer. 
See Quran 46:6 

I am not different from the (other) messengers (of Allah). 
See Quran 46:9 

Allah confirms that the Quran is similar to what is in the Torah (Taurat) because both books belong to Allah.

See Quran 46:10, 46:12 


Kindness to parents. 

See Quran 46:15 


The truthful promise of Paradise. 

See Quran 46:16 


The justice of Allah’s punishment and reward

See Quran 46:19 


The idea that a creation that is living or dead has the power to hear prayer is a false belief. 

See Quran 46:28 


Allah’s Quran confirms Allah’s Gospel (Injil) and Allah’s Torah (Taurat) which came before it (the Quran).

See Quran 46:30 


Allah is the creator of the creation. 

See Quran 46:33





Quran surah 46. Stone idol worshippers say the Quran is not true.

Stone idol worshippers say al Quran is not true.

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