75a. Al Quran surah 75 and the Injil confirm the Quran (Arabic).


June 2011 (1432 AH).


Al Quran surah 75.


The Gospel (Injil) confirms the Quran.

The Holy Spirit.

The Holy Ghost.

The Spirit, angel Gabriel.

The return of the Spirit in the Quran is confirmed in the Gospel (Injil).

After Prophet Jesus (Isa) the comforter shall come with the Spirit.

See Quran 75:1, 75:16 – 75:19


The purpose of human life.

Do humans think that they shall be left (to die and disappear) without a purpose (having existed for their life)?

See Quran 75:36 – 75:40





Al Quran surah 75. The Gospel confirms the Quran.

The Gospel (Injil, Injeel, Enjil, Enjeel, Al-Injil, Al-Injeel, Al-Enjil, Al-Enjeel) confirms the Quran (The Coran, Al-Coran, Al Coran, The Koran, Al-Koran, Al Koran, The Quran, Al Quran, Al-Quran, The Qur'an, Al-Qur'an, Al Qur'an, The Qur’ān, Al-Qur’ān, Al Qur’ān).

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