63. The Quran chapter 63 and the hypocrites (English).


June 2011 (1432 AH).


The Quran chapter 63.


God swears that Prophet Muhammad is a messenger of God.

Hypocrites swear falsely that they believe in God.

See Quran 63:1


Hypocrites turn people away from God.

See Quran 63:2


The appearance of the hypocrites pleases you and when they talk you listen.

See Quran 63:4


The Hypocrites reject the offer of forgiveness.

See Quran 63:5


It makes no difference if you (Prophet Muhammad) ask forgiveness for them (the hypocrites) or do not ask forgiveness for them because God shall not forgive them.

God does not (correctly) guide the Hypocrites because they are disobedient (to God).

See Quran 63:6


The Hypocrites do not spend their wealth and lives for the cause of God.

See Quran 63:7




The Quran chapter 63. God swears that Prophet Muhammad is a messenger of God.

Allah swears that Hazrat Muhammad is a messenger of Allah.

Allaah swears that Hadhrat Muhammad is a messenger of Allaah.

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