57. The Quran chapter 57 and the evil of killing Muslims, Christians and Jews (English).


June 2011 (1432 AH).


The Quran chapter 57.


The evil of killing Muslims, Christians and Jews.

The evil of Christian killing Christian.

The evil of Jew killing Jew.

The evil of Muslim killing Muslim.

How did the Jewish Prophet Jesus (Isa) become a Christian God?

The Quran, the Torah and the Gospel are all from God.

See Quran 57:16 comment.


The martyrs are those who died obeying Prophet Muhammad. Those martyrs shall be in Paradise because their obeyed a Prophet of God who was rightly guided by God.

See Quran 57:19 comment.


The life of the world is like the enjoyment of an illusion because it shall soon disappear.

See Quran 57:20


Life is predetermined.

See Quran 57:22


Monasticism is a human invention which God did not order.

See Quran 57:27




The Quran chapter 57. The evil of killing Muslims, Christians and Jews.

The evil of killing Christians, Muslims and Jews

The evil of killing Jews, Christians and Muslims.

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