18a. Al Quran surah 18 and the division within Islam (Arabic).


May 2011 (1432 AH).


The Quran surah 18. 

Son of Allah (Allaah) in Judaism.
Son of Allah (Allaah) in Christianity.
Son of Allah (Allaah) in Islam.
The son of Allah (Allaah) in the Torah (Taurat). 
The son of Allah (Allaah) in the Gospel (Injil). 
The son of Allah (Allaah) in the Quran.

Son of Allah (Allaah) in Judaism, Christianity and Islam. 
Son of Allah (Allaah) in the Torah (Taurat), Gospel (Injil) and Quran. 
See Quran 18:4 – 18:6 

Does man have the power to change the word of Allah (Allaah)? 
The Truth of the word of Allah (Allaah) in the Quran, the Gospel and the Torah. 
See Quran 18:27 

Stoning to death in Judaism. 
Stoning to death in Christianity. 
Stoning to death in Islam. 
Stoning to death in Judaism, Christianity and Islam. 
See Quran 18:80 – 18:81 




See: 18. Quran surah 18. Saints cannot hear prayer because that power belongs to Allah (Allaah).

The Sleepers of the Cave. The Sleepers in the Cave.

Seven people and a dog slept in the cave for three hundred and nine years.

Al-Khidar (Khidar, Khidr, Khidhr, al-Khidr, al-Khidhr, Khizr, Khizar, Hizir).
Who is Dhul-Qarnain (Dhu'l-Qarneyn, Zul-qarnain, Zulqarnain King Cyrus)?
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18a Arabic http://sites.google.com/site/islamandthequran/quran-surah-18-saints-cannot-hear-prayer-because-that-power-belongs-to-allah

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