22. The Quran chapter 22 and suicide in the Quran (English).


May 2011 (1432 AH).


The Quran chapter 22. 

Many people only know what is in the Torah (Taurat) and they are happy with that. 
Many people only know what is in the Gospel (Injil) and they are happy with that. 
Many people only know what is in the Quran and they are happy with that. 
Disputing about God without knowledge of the Torah (Taurat), Gospel (Injil) and Quran. 
See Quran 22:3 

Is Resurrection the truth? 
See Quran 22:5. 

Suicide in the Quran. 
It shall not change anything if you killed yourself because it is God who decides what shall happen and whatever man does cannot change what God has decided. 
See Quran 22:15. 

Do not make false statements. Talk the truth. 
See Quran 22:30. 

The purpose of sacrificing animals to God. 
See Quran 22:37 

God ordered protection to every monastery, church, synagogue and mosque where God is worshipped. 
See Quran 22:40 

Prophet Muhammad was sent to guide the Jews and the Christians on the correct path to God. 
See Quran 22:54 

God is kind and merciful. 
See Quran 22:65 

God created the Jewish nation, the Christian nation and the Muslim nation. 
See Quran 22:67 

Idol worshippers do not attribute to God his rightful attributes. 
See Quran 22:73 – 22:74 

A Jew (in Hebrew), Christian (in English) and Muslim (in Arabic) is a person who submits to the will of God. 
See Quran 22:78   





See: Quran chapter 22. Suicide in the Quran.

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