23a. Al Quran surah 23 and slavery in the Quran (Arabic).


May 2011 (1432 AH).


Al Quran surah 23. 

Allah has not ordered stoning to death for adultery in the Quran.

Sex with a slave before marriage is not allowed.

Slavery in Islam. 
See Quran 23:6. 

Allah orders you to be honest and keep your promise. 
See Quran 23:8 

The five compulsory daily pray times in Islam. 
See Quran 23:9 

People are not allowed to give punishments that are only allowed to be given by Allah. 
See Quran 23:44 

The division in the religion of Allah. 
See Quran 23:53 

Is Prophet Muhammad mad? 
See Quran 23:70 

Allah answers the question, is resurrection from death back to life real? 
See Quran 23:115 

Allah has not chosen any son to rule the heavens and the earth together with Him (Allah). 
See Quran 23:91 

Anyone who prays to any other god (that is a creation) as a partner with Allah (who is the creator) has no authority (from Allah) for that. 
See Quran 23:117  





See: Quran surah 23. Allah (Allaah) has not ordered stoning to death for adultery in the Quran.

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