20a. Al Quran surah 20 and Prophet Muhammad in the Injil and Taurat (Arabic).


May 2011 (1432 AH).


Al Quran surah 20.  

Why does Jesus say, “My Allah (Allaah), My Allah (Allaah), why have you forsaken me?”

See Quran 20:133 Part 9. 


Why does Prophet Muhammad not bring us a sign as proof from his Lord (Allah (Allaah))? 

Prophet Muhammad in the Torah (Tawrah, Tawrat, Taurat, Tavrat).

Prophet Muhammad in the Gospel (Injil, Injeel, Enjil, Enjeel, Al-Enjeel).

Prophet Muhammad is the comforter in the Gospel (Injil, Injeel, Enjil, Enjeel, Al-Enjeel). 

The coming of the Prophets of Allah (Allaah) in the Torah and the Gospel. 

See Quran 20:133 – 20:135 


Why is it impossible to pray to Saints? 

See Quran 20:15, Quran 20:133 Part 1. 


The Gospel (Injil) confirms that Jesus (Isa) is a Prophet. 

See Quran 20:133 Part 2, 3 and 4. 


The Gospel (Injil) confirms that Jesus (Isa) is not Allah (Allaah). 

See Quran 20:133 Part 2, 3 and 4) 


In the Gospel (Injil) Prophet Jesus (Isa) says he shall be raised to heaven, Prophet Jesus (Isa) did not say he is going to die.

See Quran 20:133 Part 8 Gospel of John 12:32). 


In the Gospel (Injil) what was said by the man on the cross who looked like Prophet Jesus (Isa) confirms that they are not the words of Allah (Allaah).

See Quran 20:133 Part 9 and 10 and 12). 


In the Quran Prophet Muhammad (the comforter from Allah (Allaah), the messenger from Allah (Allaah)) confirmed to the Jews and to the Christians that Jesus is a Prophet and that Prophet Jesus (Isa) did not die but was raised alive into heaven.

See Quran 20:133 Part 8 and 9 comment 7). 


What does “son of Allah (Allaah)” mean?

See Quran 20:133 Part 11.  





See: Quran surah 20. Isa (Eesa, Esa, Jesus, Iesa, Iesus, Yasu, Yeshua) is not God (Allah, Allaah).

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