May 2011 (1432 AH).


The Quran chapter 20.  

Why does Jesus say, “My God, My God, why have you forsaken me?”

See Quran 20:133 Part 9. 


Why does Prophet Muhammad not bring us a sign as proof from his Lord (God)? 

Prophet Muhammad in the Torah (Tawrah, Tawrat, Taurat, Tavrat).

Prophet Muhammad in the Gospel (Injil, Injeel, Enjil, Enjeel, Al-Enjeel).

Prophet Muhammad is the comforter in the Gospel (Injil, Injeel, Enjil, Enjeel, Al-Enjeel). 

The coming of the Prophets of God in the Torah and the Gospel. 

See Quran 20:133 – 20:135 


Why is it impossible to pray to Saints? 

See Quran 20:15, Quran 20:133 Part 1. 


The Gospel (Injil) confirms that Jesus (Isa) is a Prophet. 

See Quran 20:133 Part 2, 3 and 4. 


The Gospel (Injil) confirms that Jesus (Isa) is not God. 

See Quran 20:133 Part 2, 3 and 4). 


In the Gospel (Injil) Prophet Jesus (Isa) says he shall be raised to heaven, Prophet Jesus (Isa) did not say he is going to die.

See Quran 20:133 Part 8 Gospel of John 12:32). 


In the Gospel (Injil) what was said by the man on the cross who looked like Prophet Jesus (Isa) confirms that they are not the words of God.

See Quran 20:133 Part 9 and 10 and 12). 


In the Quran Prophet Muhammad (the comforter from God, the messenger from God) confirmed to the Jews and to the Christians that Jesus is a Prophet and that Prophet Jesus (Isa) did not die but was raised alive into heaven.

See Quran 20:133 Part 8 and 9 comment 7). 


What does “son of God” mean?

See Quran 20:133 Part 11.  





See: Quran chapter 20. Jesus (Eesa, Esa, Isa, Iesa, Iesus, Yasu, Yeshua) is not God (Allah, Allaah).

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