26a. Al Quran surah 26 and Prophet Muhammad in the Taurat and Injil (Arabic).


June 2011 (1432 AH).


Al Quran surah 26

The wife of Prophet Lot (Lut). 
See Quran 26:171 

The threat of violent homosexual assault against the angels of Allah. 
The difference between the punishment given by Allah and the punishments ordered by Allah for man to give. 
See Quran 26:165 – 26:169 

Signs of Prophet Muhammad in the Gospel (Injil, Injeel, Enjil, Enjeel, Al-Enjeel). 
Testament, Jewish Bible). 
See Quran 26:196 comments 

Signs of Prophet Muhammad in the Torah (Taurat, Tawrah, Tawrat, Taurat, Tavrat, Old Bible, Old Testament, Jewish Bible). 
See Quran 26:197 comments 

Devils (Shaitans) work night and day to make people afraid of Muslims and Islam so that people are kept away from discovering the last revelations from Allah in His (Allah’s) Quran. 
See Quran 26:211 comments 




See: Quran surah 26. Prophet Muhammad in the Gospel (Injeel, Injil, Enjil, Enjeel, Al-Enjeel) and the Torah (Taurat, Tavrat, Tawrah, Tawrat).

Prophet Muhammad in Al-Gospel (Al-Injeel, Al-Injil, Al-Enjil, Al-Enjeel).

Prophet Muhammad in Al-Torah (Al-Taurat, Al-Tavrat, Al-Tawrah, Al-Tawrat).

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