50. The Quran chapter 50 and Prophet Muhammad did not force belief in God (English).


June 2011 (1432 AH).


The Quran chapter 50.


Prophet Muhammad is not an oppressor who forces people to believe in God.

See Quran 50:45


How is resurrection possible?

See Quran 50:11, 50:15


Two angels are with each person during their life recording what they say.

See Quran 50:16 – 50:18


The angel of death comes to every person.

See Quran 50:19


Every soul comes with two angels to the Day of Judgement.

See Quran 50:21


The covering on (the eyes, the ears and the heart of) those who are misguided is removed on the Day of Judgement.

See Quran 50:22


In life each person is assigned a devil to whisper evil suggestions into their heart as a test to show who choose to do good and follow God and who choose to do evil and follow their devil (shaitan).

See Quran 50:27


The angel shall blow the horn (trumpet) on the Day of Resurrection commanding the dead to life

See Quran 50:41


The Day of Emergence from the graves.

See Quran 50:42, 50:44


God commanded Prophet Jesus (Isa), Prophet Moses (Musa) and Prophet Mohammad.

See Quran 50:45 comment






The Quran chapter 50. Prophet Muhammad is not a tyrant.  

Hadhrat Muhammad is not a dictator.

Hazrat Muhammad is not an oppressor.

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