30. The Quran chapter 30 and Prophet Muhammad and Muslims supported the Christian Romans (English).


June 2011 (1432 AH).


The Quran chapter 30. 

The Muslims shall rejoice on the Day that God gives victory to the Christian Romans against the Persian disbelievers. 
See Quran 30:2 – 30:6 

No creation has the power to hear prayer.

See Quran 30:13, 30:31, 30:33, 30:34, 30:35, 30:40, 30:42, 30:45 


How does the process of creation work? 

How does the process of resurrection work? 

See Quran 30:19 


People have been given love and mercy from God. 

See Quran 30:21 


God has no partner and only God has the power to hear prayer. 

If a master does not consider himself equal to a slave how can God be considered equal to something or someone whom God has created? 

See Quran 30:28 


No one can alter what God has created including God’s Quran, God’s Torah (Taurat) and God’s Gospel (Injil). 

See Quran 30:30 


Do not divide your religion and became sects that rejoice in what it has (of beliefs, opinions or customs). 

See Quran 30:32 


You shall come to know (that Prophet Jesus (Isa), saints and idols are all created by God just as God created you and that no creation has the power to hear prayer. 

See Quran 30:34 


Giving charity is rewarded by God. 

See Quran 30:39 


Prophet Muhammad can make no one to hear the message of God except those who believe in God’s revelations.

See Quran 30:53 






See: Quran chapter 30. Prophet Muhammad and Muslims supported the Christian Romans.

Why are Shia being killed by some Sunni?

Why are some Sunni killing Shia?

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