42a. Al Quran surah 42 and Musa, Isa, Muhammad have the same religion (Arabic).


June 2011 (1432 AH).


Al Quran surah 42. 

Allah could have made the people one community with one religion if Allah had willed. 
See Quran 42:8 

Prophet Abraham, Prophet Noah, Prophet Moses, Prophet Jesus and Prophet Muhammad all have the same religion. 
See Quran 42:13 

The Quran, the Torah and the Gospel are all from Allah. 
See Quran 42:14, 42:21, 42:35 

Allah’s command to Prophet Muhammad.

See Quran 42:15 


Argument about the nature of Allah after the Quran has been accepted. 

See Quran 42:16 


Trinity and godhead. 

See Quran 42:21 


Is the Quran a lie against Allah? 

See Quran 42:24 


Life in the Heavens. 

Life in the Universe. 

See Quran 42:29 


Forgiving evil that is done to you and making reconciliation is rewarded by Allah. 

See Quran 42:40, 42:43 


How does Allah make revelations to the messengers of Allah? 

See Quran 42:51 


Allah revealed the Quran to Prophet Muhammad. 

See Quran 42:52  





Quran surah 42. Trinity and Jesus (Eesa, Esa, Isa, Iesa, Iesus, Yasu, Yeshua).

Trinity and Prophet Jesus (Eesa, Esa, Isa, Iesa, Iesus, Yasu, Yeshua).

Trinity and Hazrat Jesus (Eesa, Esa, Isa, Iesa, Iesus, Yasu, Yeshua).

Trinity and Hadhrat Jesus (Eesa, Esa, Isa, Iesa, Iesus, Yasu, Yeshua).

42 English http://sites.google.com/site/islamandthequran/quran-chapter-42-trinity-and-jesus-eesa-esa-isa-iesa-iesus-yasu-yeshua

42a Arabic http://sites.google.com/site/islamandthequran/quran-surah-42-trinity-and-prophet-jesus-eesa-esa-isa-iesa-iesus-yasu-yeshua

42b Arabic http://sites.google.com/site/islamandthequran/quran-surah-42-trinity-and-hazrat-jesus-eesa-esa-isa-iesa-iesus-yasu-yeshua