38. The Quran chapter 38 and Mahdi, Dajjal and the return of Prophet Jesus (Isa) is not in the Holy Quran (English).


June 2011 (1432 AH).


The Quran chapter 38. 

When is the next Caliphate? 
The Mahdi (Mehdi). 
The Dajjal (Dijjal). 
The Dajjal in Islam (The Anti Christ in Christianity, The Armilus Anti Messiah in Judaism). 
The return to earth of Prophet Jesus (Isa). 
See Quran 38:26 comments, 38:82 comments 


Jewish Rabbinic literature. 

Jewish Hebrew apocalyptic literature. 

See Quran 38:26 comments, 38:37 comments 


Prophet Muhammad in the Quran (stories from God) and Hadith (stories from man).

See Quran 38:26 comments, 38:82 comments 


Those who disbelieve in God believe that creation has no purpose. 

See Quran 38:28 


Why does God punish people? 

See Quran 38:28 


Sin of men and sin of prophets.

See Quran 38:24 comments 


God removed stoning to death for adultery and replaced it with another punishment in the Quran and the Gospel (Injil) and the Torah (Taurat).  

See Quran 38:25 comments, 38:82 comments 


Prophet Moses (Musa) and Prophet David (Dawud) were forgiven their sins after they repented and asked God for forgiveness. 

See Prophet David (Dawud) in Quran 38:23 – 38:26 

See Prophet Moses (Musa) in Quran 38:25 – 38:26 


The construction of string musical instruments by Prophet Solomon (Sulaiman). 

See Quran 38:36 comments, 38:37 comments 


How was Prophet Abraham (Ibrahim), Prophet Isaac (Ishaq) and Prophet Jacob ((Yaqub) blessed with vision to understand the will of God? 

See Quran 38:45 comments 


Where was Prophet Ishmael (Ismail) during the sacrifice of Prophet Isaac (Ishaq)? 

See Quran 38:48 comments 


Prophet Muhammad did not invent the Quran.

Prophet Muhammad did not pretend to be a messenger of God.

See Quran 38:86 – 38:88  





See. Quran chapter 38. Part 1. The sin of ewe and Prophet David (Dawud, Dawood, Dawid, David Hamelech).

The sin of ewe and Hadhrat David (Dawud, Dawood, Dawid, David Hamelech).

The sin of ewe and Hazrat David (Dawud, Dawood, Dawid, David Hamelech).

When is the next Caliphate (Khilafa)? 

When is the next Muslim Caliphate (Khilafa)? 

When is the next Islamic Caliphate (Khilafa)? 

Mahdi (Mehdi) and Dajjal (Dijjal).

The return of Jesus (Eesa, Esa, Isa, Iesa, Iesus, Yasu, Yeshua).

The return of Prophet Jesus (Eesa, Esa, Isa, Iesa, Iesus, Yasu, Yeshua).

The return of Hazrat Jesus (Eesa, Esa, Isa, Iesa, Iesus, Yasu, Yeshua).

The return of Hadhrat Jesus (Eesa, Esa, Isa, Iesa, Iesus, Yasu, Yeshua).

Rabbinic Jewish literature in the Quran (The Coran, Al-Coran, Al Coran, The Koran, Al-Koran, Al Koran, The Qur'an, Al-Qur'an, Al Qur'an, The Qur’ān, Al-Qur’ān, Al Qur’ān).

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38b Arabic http://sites.google.com/site/islamandthequran/quran-surah-38-the-sin-of-ewe-and-hazrat-dawud 


Quran 38 part 2.

38. Quran chapter 38 part 2. Index.

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