36. The Quran chapter 36 and Holy war and direct entry to Paradise (English).


June 2011 (1432 AH).


The Quran chapter 36. 

The punishment on earth from God to a people who reject the message of God when it is delivered to them by a messenger or a prophet of God. 
See Quran 36:13 – 36:30 

Prophet Moses (Musa) and Prophet Jesus (Isa) and Prophet Muhammad. 
See Quran 36:14 

The punishment or reward in the Hereafter from God for all mankind on the Day of Judjement. 
See Quran 36:48 – 36:65 

Stoning to death (al rajm, the stoning). 
See Quran 36:18 

Holy war and direct entry to Paradise. 
Holy war in the time of a messenger or a prophet. 
Holy war in 2010 (1431 AH). 
The highly righteous (prophets and messengers of God and as God decides from among their righteous supporters) go straight to Paradise. 
In 2010 (1431 AH) wars are an insult to God when they claim to be Holy and they have nothing to do with what God has commanded and are only about human desires and not God’s desire. 
There are no prophets or messengers of God in 2010 (1431 AH). 
See Quran 36:26 – 36:27 

When the messengers of God are rejected the people are punished by God. 
Today in 2010 (1431 AH) there are no more prophets or messengers. 
In 2010 (1431 AH) it is an insult to God to claim that some misfortune is a punishment from God when misfortune today has nothing to do with punishment from God. 
See Quran 36:29





See: Quran chapter 36. Prophet Moses, Jesus and Muhammad are alive in heaven today. 

Hadhrat Moses, Jesus and Muhammad are alive in heaven today. 

Hazrat Moses, Jesus and Muhammad are alive in heaven today.

Prophet Moses (Musa, Mussa, Moosa, Mousa, Moshe, Mosheh) is alive in heaven today.

Prophet Elijah (Elias, Elyas, Ilyas, Iliyas, Eliyahu) is alive in heaven today.

Prophet Jesus (Eesa, Esa, Isa, Iesa, Iesus, Yasu, Yeshua) is alive in heaven today.

Prophet Muhammad (Mohamed, Mohammed, Mahamad, Muhammed) is alive in heaven today. 

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