35. The Quran chapter 35 and forgiveness and repenting (English).


June 2011 (1432 AH).


The Quran chapter 35. 

To God everything that has been created shall return. 
See Quran 35:4 

Resurrection is like this. 
See Quran 35:9 

Those who seek honour and power. 
See Quran 35:10 

Stone idols do not own the creation. 
See Quran 35:13 

On the Day of Resurrection any creation to whom you prayed shall disown association with you because no creation is the creator and only the creator has the power to hear prayer. 
See Quran 35:14  

God removes creations and creates new creations. 
See Quran 35:16 

Asking God for forgiveness and repenting. 
No creation has the power to remove another person’s sin, only God the creator has that power. 
See Quran 35:18 

Prophet Muhammad you cannot do what God does not will you to do such as to make those who are in their graves (such as those people whom God has made to be spiritually dead and wrongly guided) to hear you.

See Quran 35:22 


There is not a nation to whom God had not sent a warner. 

See Quran 35:24 


The Book of God. 

See Quran 35:29 


The Quran confirms what came before it in the Torah (Taurat) and the Gospel (Injil).

See Quran 35:31 


The followers of Prophet Muhammad.

See Quran 35:32


How God, the creator punishes every ungrateful person.

See Quran 35:36.


Disbelief in God increases for the disbeliever nothing but a loss of God’s mercy towards them.

See Quran 35:39. 


Idols can not intercede with God for you. 

See Quran 35:40 


God’s punishment for rejecting God’s messengers is in the Quran, Torah (Taurat) and the Gospel (Injil). 

See Quran 35:43 





See: Quran chapter 35. God gives the Quran as an inheritance to those who believe in God.

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