39a. Al Quran surah 39 and Allah forgives all sins (Arabic).


June 2011 (1432 AH).


Al Quran surah 39. 

Worship Allah with a religion that is sincere to Him (Allah only). 
See Quran 39:2, 39:11, 39:14 

No one can carry the sins of another person. 
You have the power to ask Allah to remove your sins by sincerely repenting and asking Allah for forgiveness. 
See Quran 39:7 

Allah’s earth is spacious so if you have any difficulty in one place you can go to another. 
See Quran 39:10 

O My servants fear Me (Allah). 
See Quran 39:16 

Men of understanding listen and then follow good advice (and reject bad advice). 
See Quran 39:18 

Allah forgives all sins if you repent, correct yourself and ask forgiveness. 
See Quran 39:53 

Day of Judgement by the prophets, the witnesses, the book of deeds and Allah. 
See Quran 39:69 – 39:70 




SEE: Quran surah 39. One day Prophet Muhammad shall die.

God (Allah, Allaah) forgives all sin.

No one can carry the sins of another person. 
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