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Life in Somalia.

         Somalia Amateur Radio in Somalia.
                  Islam in Somalia. 
                          Somalia Radio Stations in Somalia. 
                                 Somalia Radio Broadcasting in Somalia
                                        The Quran in Somalia. 
                                                Somalia visitors visit travel to Somalia. 
                                                        Somalia Ham Radio in Somalia. 

                                                      15 December 2011 (1433 AH).

Somalia Amateur Radio Friendship and Emergency Network (SARFEN). 

Welcome to the third Somalia information website:

Website 1 is Somalia Ham Radio before 2010 (1431 AH).
Website 2 is Somalia Amateur Radio for the first 6 months of 2010 (1431 AH). Both are now full.
Website 3 is Radio Somalia 
(this website) and it contains the latest Somalia information starting from 25 July 2010 (1431 AH) onwards. 

15 December 2011. 
Puntland Passes Motion to Ban Female Circumcision.

See Radio Somalia news in English


21 July 2011. 

New website- ISLAM AND THE QURAN.   
The Quran on this website is now on a new website. 

Islam and The Quran http://sites.google.com/site/islamandthequran

See: 03 God (Allah, Allaah) removed stoning to death for adultery.

The error of stoning to death for adultery. 

How God (Allah, Allaah) removed stoning to death for adultery in the Torah (Taurat), Gospel (Injil) and Quran.

How God (Allah, Allaah) removed stoning to death in the Quran three times.

In the Quran the law for illegal sexual intercourse for unmarried Muslims is Quran 4:15 – 4:18.

In the Quran the law for adultery by married Muslims is Quran 4:25 – 4:26 and 24:1 – 24:2.

Forgiveness for all sins is confirmed in Quran 4:17 – 4:18, 4:110, 25:68 – 25:71. 

03 English http://sites.google.com/site/islamandthequran/god-removed-stoning-to-death-for-adultery  

03A Arabic http://sites.google.com/site/islamandthequran/allah-removed-stoning-to-death-for-adultery 

03B Arabic http://sites.google.com/site/islamandthequran/allaah-removed-stoning-to-death-for-adultery 

8 March 2011.
Introduction to the Quran, Torah (Taurat) and Gospel (Injil).
God would have killed Prophet Muhammad if he invented revelations.

See with English names on Page 69.

See with Arabic names on Page 69a.

15 February 2011. 
Rotarians of Amateur Radio (ROAR) humanitarian assistance in Somalia in 2011. 

3 November 2010.

How can stoning to death for adultery be missing in God’s Holy Quran (the last revelation completed and perfected for mankind) when there is nothing missing in God’s Torah (Taurat) and God’s Gospel (Injil)?

See with English names on Page 24.

See with Arabic names on Page 24a. 

10 October 2010. 
2010 Short Wave Radio Survey. 
Somali broadcasts to Somalia at 1700 UTC (8 pm Somalia time) heard in Sydney Australia at 4 am summer time). 
15545 kHz 15.545 MHz VOA Voice of America, Washington, USA Somali to Somalia from a short wave radio transmitter in Irana Wila, Sri Lanka. Signal Strength 9 in Sydney. Very Good reception. 
11665 kHz 11.665 MHz VOA Voice of America, Washington, USA Somali to Somalia from a short wave radio transmitter in Udon Thani, Thialand. Signal Strength 7 in Sydney. Good reception.

21 September 2010 
New Emergency Radio Frequencies for Somalia as at 8 September 2010.
Somalia Amateur Radio Emergency Communications Frequencies.
These are the worldwide emergency radio communication frequencies used by Somalia amateur radio operators which may be used by anyone who has qualified for the free Somalia amateur radio operator’s license. These frequencies are used by volunteer amateur radio operators in many countries as a way to help anyone on Earth in an emergency.
80 meter band   3.760 MHz (3760 kHz) LSB 
40 meter band   7.110 MHz (7110 kHz) LSB 
20 meter band 14.300 MHz (14300 kHz) USB 
17 meter band 18.160 MHz (18160 kHz) USB 
15 meter band 21.360 MHz (21360 kHz) USB
Study the EASY and FREE on-line Somalia amateur radio license qualifying radio course and answer the questions at the end of each topic.
To find out more and to see the list of amateur radio operators in Somalia click here:

12 September 2010. 
Burning the Quran cancelled forever. 
10 September 2010. 
Burning of the Quran "suspended." 
Radio Somalia news editorial. 
See Radio Somalia news on page 4.

10 Auguat 2010 (1431 AH).
Ramadan dates, Ramadan 1431, Ramadan 2010, Ramadan Timetable. 
See: When is Ramadan https://sites.google.com/site/radiosomalia/when-is-ramadan

10 August 2010 (1431 AH).

Muslim is killing Muslim.

What happened to Islam in Somalia, Pakistan, Palestine, Israel, Iraq, Afghanistan and Chechnya?

Because everyone in Somalia is Muslim maybe Somalia can most clearly show us what happened.

For 19 years Muslims in Somalia have killed their Somali Muslim brothers, sisters and children.

What happened to their Islam?

What happened is that they memorized the Quran but they believed man more than they believed God’s (Allah’s, Allaah’s) Quran (revealed to Prophet Muhammad), God’s (Allah’s, Allaah’s) Torah (Taurat, revealed to Prophet Moses (Musa)) and God’s (Allah’s, Allaah’s) Gospel (Injil, revealed to Prophet Jesus (Isa)).

Errors in understanding Islam and the Quran come from what man said after Prophet Muhammad left the earth.

The Quran is correct and is the real word of God (Allah, Allaah).

But when men listen to other men more than they listen to God (Allah, Allaah), their interpretation of the Quran is not God’s (Allah’s, Allaah’s) word in the Quran but the words of what other men have told them.

Only what God (Allah, Allaah) has revealed in God’s (Allah’s, Allaah’s) Holy books is really from God (Allah, Allaah).

When people listen more to what other people say instead of what God (Allah, Allaah) says in God’s (Allah’s, Allaah’s) Holy books then misguidance starts. 

Somalia index http://sites.google.com/site/radiosomalia/index



Radio Free Somalia “free radio for all to use” in 1994 now in 2010 known as Radio Galkayo in Galkayo, Puntland State of Somalia.

In 1993 and again in 1994 volunteer students came “off the street” to learn about radio by qualifying for the Somalia Amateur Radio Station license and call sign.

Those that completed the Ham Radio (Helping All Mankind Radio license qualifying course) received their own lifetime Somalia “6O0” call sign that is recognized worldwide when used “on the air” for Short Wave Amateur Radio communications.

Any person in Somalia can study and qualify for a Somalia Amateur Radio license and use it to learn more about radio communications, radio broadcasting, and electronics.

The Somalia Amateur Radio license can also be used to make friends for Somalia around the world.

Ham Radio operators around the world have visited Somalia because of the friendships they have made with Hams in Somalia using two way Ham Radio transceivers called HF transmitter receivers.

These radios allow free world wide communications between licensed Amateur Radio Stations in Somalia and across the world.

Ham Radio has increased the knowledge, skills and interest of people in Somalia and lead to life long careers in radio, telecommunications and in tourism.

Right side, standing from right to left:

1. Mohamed Yasin Isak, Somalia amateur radio call sign 6O0MY (President of SARFEN Somalia Amateur Radio Friendship and Emergency Network 2004 – 2010, wearing a vertical stripped blue and white shirt),

2. Jamal Farah Adan, Somalia amateur radio call sign 6O0JFA (Media photographer for the President of Somalia President Abdullahi Yusuf Ahmed 2007 – 2010, wearing a white shirt).

3. Girl (in red)?

4. Hassan Mohamed Jamma, Somalia amateur radio call sign 6O0XJ (Director of Radio Galkayo 2003 – 2010, wearing a blue shirt).  

Photo right side, sitting from right to left:

1. Abdullahi Abdi Hirsi, Somalia amateur radio call sign 6O0CC (taxi driver, wearing a checkered shirt).

2. Girl (in yellow dress)?

3. Girl (in orange, pink dress, hidden)?

4. Abdullahi Hersi Mahamud, Somalia amateur radio call sign 6O0HX (Radio Galkayo program producer, looking at you).

5. Boy?  

Photo left side, from right to left:

1. Hussain Mohamed Ali (First Director of Radio Free Somalia “free radio for all to use” 1993 – 1994 now known as Radio Galkayo, standing).

2. Boy (sitting)?

Photo by Sam Voron, Sydney, Australia.

                                           Somalia index http://sites.google.com/site/radiosomalia/index

Contact: Sam Voron VK2BVS, 6O0A.

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