Upload your MP3's to Radio Stations today  and

start getting played on radio in 48hrs

"GUARANTEED. This is how radio stations gets

new music from labels now.  Stations are

throwing CD's that comes into their office in the

mail into a big pile with hundreds of others that

don't understand how the music business works


It saves money & time from making CD's,

the cost of packaging & mailing which is costly.

We have a list of 4,000+ Radio Stations

nationwide to submit new music to based on your

genre. Internet, Satellite, College & FM


These are ALL Royalty paying stations EXCEPT

college stations which is a separate package. All

others you get $PAID when you get PLAYED on

radio! (See Detail at SOUND EXCHANGE)

You'll also receive reports from third party companies such

as DRT, Mediabase & BDS that monitors radio

stations that matters to see where your song is

being played.  These weekly reports are as

valuable to an Artist career as a credit report

is when it comes to getting approved for credit.

It shows the history of your song on radio by

listing how many stations are playing your song

and how many times a day.

Stations decision makers such as music,

program and mix-show directors often use these

reports to help decide whether or not to add

your song to their stations playlist. They

like to copy what's new & hot on other stations.

Also tour promoters & major labels when

searching for up & coming artist on the rise tend

to pull up & view these reports.

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Sundays and Holidays!

E-mail: campaignpayments@gmail.com


New Artist average 300-1,000 radio spins per week in rotation on multiple stations nation-wide!

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Get your weekly report today to see where your song is playing!

 Important links: For Artist to copyright & protect their music & get paid their royalties.

   BMI,     SESAC,     ASCAP,

SOUNDSCAN: This system should not be confused with BDS or MediaBase. Soundscan is not for radio... it is for retail sales. It is the system that is connected to the barcode scanners at retail stores; it tabulates the sales.