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(you need it if you surf the web much-- Wikipedia list)

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FixYA - a knowledge Q&A site for TEKKIE problems


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The Computer News Net Top 20 brings you the pick of the most popular and highest-rating sites for computer news on the Net today.

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IBM Video: Click picture to see how Technology developed into what it is today in just 100 years:

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  PC:  Better, Faster, Freeware Browsers!    

(Google Chrome!  FASTEST FREE BROWSER, better than Microsofts Explorer, fer sure.   and wicked fast. It downloads and Installs. (If other browsers freeze up on a given day, click on your installed "Chrome" and get better results, of course after you've rebooted!    Radioman keeps it installed in case he needs it.)

Mozilla FIREFOX 
(free browser, better than Microsoft Internet Explorer but not compatible with all sites' features.  Radioman uses it exclusively.  Not Microsoft's Explorer.)   When you start using this, also download the free AD-aware program that eliminates adware fm your programs.

    FREE PC Cleanup Tools!    

This is the MUST HAVE Cleaner for your PC/LAPTOP
  *****  (click the logo ABOVE to the free download), deletes all the temp files left behind when Windows crashes, internet temp/graphic files, most spyware cookies, installation leftovers, and other stuff that really slows down your PC and should be removed to protect your privacy.  Has tools. 
Uninstalls unwanted programs faster than Windows' Control Panel.  Radioman uses it twice a week!   Just download the FREE one, it works fine.

    The best malware deletion program around... to get rid of those tricky, EVIL applications you never intended to download!  

 (free by the CCleaner folks, speeds up your PC for XP and lower.) 
Also free from Pinifor if you just opt for the FREE version!  Works better than Microsoft's which chokes when you have a decent virus protector. Radioman Lets it run overnight once a month.

 EZ Cleaner  (best free registry, software removal utility does things CCLeaner doesn't.)  Use quarterly.  Remove duplicates, backups, and dead end Registry entries! Radioman  runs this every few weeks to keep registry clean when the PC starts to slow down.

Digital Cleaner... easy use to remove Duplicate files rather than one at a time. 

(Free spyware remover that cleans your PC if it gets infected with MALWARE -- malicious stubborn software that nags you to send them money to sanitize your PC for you!)   


Secunia Download
The Secunia PSI is aFREE security tool designed to detect vulnerable and out-dated programs and plug-ins which expose your PC to attacks. Attacks exploiting vulnerable programs and plug-ins are rarely blocked by traditional anti-virus and are therefore increasingly "popular" among criminals.   Tells ya what patches you need of your existing software.

 (free pgm to let you UNDELETE files you accidentally deleted.. from the good folks at CCLeaner!)
  Downloads to your download directory.  Then find it and install it by clicking on the EXE.

 (free program that will sanitize your PC's hard drive by overwriting with nonsense, 35 times, files you've deleted but are still really on your PC but only 'marked' deleted even if they're still there but now invisible to you.)  Good if you're SELLING your PC and want business sensitive files (like customer, patient, or accounting) REALLY deleted permanently! 


"PDF Create" Free PDF Creator
PDFCreator easily creates PDFs from any Windows program. Use it like a printer in Word, StarCalc or any other Windows application.  After you install it, have a document open, click Print pull down, and select "PDF Creator" as if it was a printer.  The program will convert your document to a pdf file in any directory of your choice.  Then mail it to people as an attachment.  This is great for converting Word to a PDF to send to someone and cheaper than buying the full version of Adobe (this one's free! and Radioman uses it!)

Bullzip Free PDF creator

The Bullzip PDF Printer works as a Microsoft Windows printer and allows you to convert documents from virtually any Microsoft Windows application into a PDF format file .  This program is FREEWARE with limitations, which means that it is FREE for personal and commercial use up to 10 users. It does not contain any advertising or pop-ups.  Requires MS .Net Version 2 on your PC.

Free Wallpapers, many categories, good place to get them.

OPEN OFFICE (from Sun. Free pgm
s if you can't afford to buy MS expensive Office Suite)

   PC  Free Online Courses...     
For more, Google "Free online training"

MS OFFICE, Word, Excel, Project, etc etc!  Free Training Materials in PDF from MOUSE TRAINING of England.  Mouse Training is a UK-based company that offers training courses to companies whose staff use Microsoft Office.  Following the release of Office 2010, the company has made available all of its training manuals for previous versions (like Office 2003, 2007), totally free of charge.  Go to the Mouse DOWNLOAD SITE

Free online Course on Digital Photography Basics

HP/Adobe/Microsoft product 

Photoshop, Word, Excel, WIndows 7, Project
Vista, EMAIL basics, and more.  CHECK IT!

  PC Popular Download Sites   

"46 Best Freeware Program"

NOTE:  Read Gizmo's FREE REVIEWS on the above free programs to see what they do...and get confidence in installing them.  I've used them for years on recommendation of my IT colleagues!  Read Gizmo's FREE WINDOWS TIPS.


XNVIEWER  (best free photo viewer/editor I've found)

(blogs, reviews, white papers, lotsa stuff about computers)
ZDNet Downloads (popular freeware programming downloads)

Microsoft Download Center
update your PC software weekly when using FireFox browser) 

Note:  If this site doesn't lay out well or loads slowly, then you're probably using an older version of MS Internet Explorer or your PC/Internet Provider is underpowered.

Get rid of Explorer and use one of THESE!

Google Chrome Browser (way faster!  Imports your IE Bookmarks)
Foxfire Mozilla Browser (Faster,Stable, lots of features)

Inventions Gallery

    MORE Best website Stuff!!!