Useful Charts, Diagrams and Links

Normal Reference Values, (incomplete! See US section for US measurements)

Radiology signs (HIGH YIELD!!!)

Check out the Radiology Leadership Institute and their courses (click on image for formal website)

for a short informative powerpoint presentation.


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(Recorded UMMC lectures)
(log in with your full UMC email address and your password)
(The radiology department graciously provides us with a subscription. Get in touch with the residency coordinator for details)
(Another resource graciously provided to us by the department with innumerable questions. A great question bank to work on during rotations and when studying for the Core exam)
Also has hundreds of unknown cases that the neuro staff goes over with you and you can go over on your own. They are SUPER helpful in terms of thinking what you're looking at! Practice identifying what image/sequence you're looking at - which is helpful for the Core!!!
(requires a paid subscription ~$70-80/year. Ask your upper levels or your co-residents about creating an account)
FREE (online). I think it's like $6 to get an iPad/iPhone app - SOOO worth it!
Super Duper helpful, especially as an intern and when you are starting out but also throughout your residency. Particularly the Chest section where it talks about all the lines you have to know for the Core on chest radiography!!


Several people super highly recommend this!

Free resource (If you log in from a UMC computer) where multiple radiology books are available.

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