New Transmitter

We are now using the new transmitter , it came back and is working great . Transmitting very well and not as it was transmitting on several frequencies but now only one , 89.5 and sounding very good. It works better than anything we have had but uses a lot of electricity. Anyone who would like to donate to electric bill only would be greatly appreciated. Just call the station and disignate your gift.

Prayer of Agreement

If you desire prayer for healing or for anything in your life please let us know . Call us at 928-368-6766. We will always pray live for you if we are in the station.

Prayer Requests

In addition to praying live with you by phone, let us know your ongoing requests for prayer. This list will be prayed for until we receive an answer. If you desire someone to come to your house and pray for you , please let us know and we will try to set up a visit for prayer.