Gamble & Huff Vets The Jaggerz Return to Blue Eyed Soul

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The Jaggerz, of The Rapper fame, on this blue eyed soul album, feature Jimmie Ross's passionate soulful singing, their heartfelt five part harmonies, and cool jams on arrangements of 10 classic R&B tunes.

Best known for their Number One gold record smash hit "The Rapper", The Jaggerz were discovered and produced by the legendary soul music producers Gamble & Huff. The Jaggerz return to their blue-eyed soul music roots on "The Walk". Led by singer Jimmie Ross the Jaggerz bring their uplifting five part harmonies to their heartfelt arrangements of eight R&B classics and two updated recordings from their 1969 "Introducing the Jaggerz" album: the Gamble & Huff tune "Together " and The Jaggerz original "That's Why Baby I Love You". 

In the funky break up song "The Walk" Jimmie Ross sings to his fine looking long legged but black hearted cheating woman who has been jagging him around, "So long you did me wrong… You can walk your long legs, baby, right out of my life." 

Jimmie's passionate soulful voice and the Jaggerz moving harmonies shine on the love ballads "Love Won't Let Me Wait", "The Whole Town's Laughing at Me". and "That's Why Baby I Love You". Donna Groom of the Skyliners guest stars on a duet with Jimmie on the medley arrangement of " It's Gonna Take a Miracle/ I'm On The Outside". 

 The band shows their skillful chops jamming on the uptempo "Move Across the River", "Stagger Lee", and "Having a Party" with great solos from renown piano man Hermie Granati, saxophonist Chris Patarin and guitarists Benny Faiella, Dennis McAbee. 

Five time Grammy winning producer/engineer Jay Dudt of Audile Images crafted a rich warm full sound for co-producers Hermie Granati and Jimmie Ross's arrangements. It's an album of soulful old school tunes you can put on and enjoy from start to finish over and over again

You can walk yourself right out of my life

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In the blue eyed soul break up song “The Walk” Jimmie Ross sings to his fine looking long legged but cheating black hearted woman, "So long you did me wrong… You can walk your long legs, baby, right out of my life."  In Pittsburghese he cries “You've been jaggin me around now.  I kept my eyes shut Because you're shaped like an hourglass, but I think the time's up.” 

The Walk is the new single release from The Jaggerz, who are best known for their number 1 hit “The Rapper”.  Originally signed and produced by Philadelphia International legends Gamble and Huff in 1968, the Jaggerz return to their soul music roots with “The Walk”.  On hearing the song, recorded previously by Mayer Hawthorne, Jimmie Ross said “that is the Jaggerz from 1968. We gotta do this song. It sounds like it was written for us." 

The recording featuring the Jaggerz rich harmonies and soulful beat is co-produced by Hermie Granati and five time Grammy winner Jay Dudt who has worked on recordings with Dave Matthews, Pat Metheny, Nancy Wilson, and others.  The Walk will be the title song of their forth coming album to be released in the Spring of 2014.  The album will have new arrangements from the Jaggerz catalog including "That's Why Baby I Love You" and “Together” (from the Introducing the Jaggerz album) along with “The Walk” and an arrangement of Billy Vera's 'At This Moment.'  

The Walk

The Walk is available on  iTunes

Jaggerz Facebook Fan Page

Mike Stout's Time to Build a New World

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On his thirteenth CD release
“Time To Build A New World” socially conscious singer song-writer Mike Stout is rabble rousing again with a new batch of recordings calling people to arise in solidarity to fight for their rights and an end to injustice and alienation.  His concerns for the world are highlighted on three musically powerful tracks.

Where is the soul of America? - In these times of warring political factions putting the government in unproductive grid lock Mike Stout asks what happened to the driving American spirit that united Americans to do great things.   In this bluesy slide guitar driven tune a big chorus of singers asks:

“Where is the soul of America?  Where is the spirit that made you great?  Where is the soul of America?  We need it now more than ever today.  Where’s the will, that brought the Bill of Rights to stay, The ways and means to bring about our common dreams…now?”

Alien Nation –Is a percussion filled rocker telling the story of the isolated cyber addicted.  Today we live in a nation where alienated people do everything remotely through their smart phones and laptops.  Face to face conversations with friends are a thing of the past.  Now people interact indirectly with electronic friends through the social media and texting.  Focused on their own narrow safe secure cyber view they are distracted from other people’s pain and have lost touch with our community

It’s instant gratification and cyber-sensation.  In the palm of your hand, you’re always in command.  Facebook or twitter, you daily blog or text;  Angry, sweet or bitter, it’s always indirect.  Opinion, gossip, rage. It’s all an open page, in Alienation.  Cyber worlds apart, you don’t feel nobody’s pain.”

Big Brother Is Watching – Is an ominous tune fired by Freddie Nelson’s blazing guitar that warns about the threat of NSA spying and personal data collection by the big corporations.    

“The right to privacy is a thing of the past. Total surveillance is the order of the day.  You're fair game if you dare to dissent.  The Bill of Rights just got a whole lot shorter.  Big Brother's watching, he's got you in his sights.  He's got the authority to do what he feels.  Someone better wake up and face up to the facts –Big Brother's watching, you don't even know he's here.  You better pay attention, 'cause somewhere down the line   It'll be your turn; it's just a matter of time. – Big Brother’s Watching.

You say to me, "how can this be?  "I can't believe they call this democracy?"   Orwell and Huxley must be laughing in their grave;   Someone better speak up before it's too late.

Time to Build A New World CD -In the title tune Mike sings: Now the time has come to go beyond just protest and defiance;   From helpless pawn, to citizen, from reliance to alliance where the have-nots take command to take the future in our hands. It’s time to build a new world where the people take control.  

Throughout the 12 song CD Mike calls attention to social and economic problems asking people to unite in solidarity to find solutions.  “I was Killed By a Drone” mourns the innocent people unjustly killed by drones.  “The End of Petroleum Man” highlights the need to expand solar and wind power to decrease the use of dirty fossil fuels.   “Complacency City”, with a blistering guitar solo by Reb Beech, laments people who complacently sit in their bubbles oblivious to problems of the world.  Mike’s answers to these challenges is to “Organize” because “Solidarity Rocks”.  Mike also pays tribute to two labor rights fighters. “Traveling Man” celebrates the life of labor leader and historian Charles McCollester.  “He Paints a Picture for Our Hearts” honors the working class artist and asbestos worker Bill Yund whose powerful illustrations and cartoons are found in many labor publications and novels.   In the closing song “Move Along to Sweet Paradise” Mike sings of the rewards that will when people unite to fight for their rights.

An outstanding cast of musicians backs Mike on “Time to Build A New World” Guitarist Reb Beach (of Winger and Alice Copper) plays a blazing solo on “Complacency City”. Guitarist Fred Nelson, who collaborated with Paul Gilbert (of Racer X and Mr. Big) on the CD "United States", provide hot guitar hooks on “Big Brother Is Watching”,  Hermie Granati, who is a member of the Jaggerz, the B.E. Taylor Band, and plays the Door’s sounding keys on “Big Brother is Watching”. Time to Build A New World” was produced and engineered by Doug Wilken who has also worked with protest singer Ann Feeney, singer Autumn Ayers and others.  Doug also plays guitar, bass and sings background vocals.  Rounding out the band are guitarist Kevin McDonald (of Grapevine and Tres-Lads), bass guitarist Tom Valentine (Bill Toms and, Glenn Pavone and the Cyclones), drummer Derrick Edwards (Norm Nardini and the Tigers). vocalist Kelly Burgos and Laura Daniels on keyboards and vocals. 

The CD cover was drawn by Leon Schauble of, Gelsenkirchen, a young student Mike met in on his 2013 tour of Germany.

“Time To Build A New World” will be released on October 25, 2013 with a CD release show at Club Café in Pittsburgh.  It will be available for sale on Itunes and Amazon and can be heard on Spotify, eMusic, Mog,Rhapsody and other popular music listening sites.

Tuneful soul and Blues from Dan Bubien

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Dan Rubin is a soulful bluesy singer-songwriter and guitarist who first solo album Empty Roads is a delightful mix of original old school soul, blues and funk tunes.  Cuts from Empty Roads have been heard on Pittsburgh stations WDVE and WYEP along with Youngstown’s  93.3 The Wolf.  Empty Roads was produced by four-time Grammy Award Winning producer/engineer Jay Dudt at Audible Images Studio in Pittsburgh.  The all original songs on Empty Roads were co-written by Dan and Roman Marocco.  Backing Dan to create big full soulful R&B and blues sounds are an all star cast of veteran Pittsburgh musicians including saxophonist Eric DeFade, horn player/arranger Ralph Guzzi, keyboard player s Joe Monroe and Timmy  Mabin, Chris Nacy on  harmonica, bassist Gary Ripper, and drummer Andy Taravella  along with harmony vocalists Jimmie Ross (of The Jaggerz and Skyliners), Morgan Maybray and Andre Marocco.  Outstanding tracks that best show Dan’s singing and guitar prowess are the bluesy rough edged “To Youngstown” and the smooth soulful tunes “Crazy Days” and “Brother”.    
A native of Aliquippa Dan learned the guitar when his career as star high school baseball and golf athlete  was interrupted by a knee injury.   Sidelined from sports for six months Dan taught himself the guitar following in the footsteps of his professional guitarist father.   After high school Dan fronted and played with several Pittsburgh area bands.  He fronted the popular funk reggae band the Sun Kings from 2004 until 2010 when he went solo.   Empty Roads is a great debut album from a talented singer and guitarist with tunes fans of soul and blues will enjoy.

Official Website    Dan Bubien on iTunes   Buy Empty Roads at CDBaby

Tasty Pop Rock from JD Eicher & the GoodNights

posted Sep 15, 2013, 2:54 PM by Paul Carosi   [ updated Sep 15, 2013, 3:00 PM ] recommends JD Eicher & The Goodnights to fans of catchy pop rock.

JD Eicher & the Goodnights’ catchy melodic subtle pop-rock songs are capturing the ears of concert goers and music writers and across the country.   The band is led by singer-songwriter and guitarist JD Eicher, a storyteller who writes well-crafted character driven songs and sings in a warm blue-eyed soul falsetto.  Eicher a native of Canfield Ohio formed the Goodnights with three players who hail from the Pittsburgh area: Jim Merhaut (bass), Ben Portz (keyboradss), and drummer Dylan Kollat.  They have performed at concerts, night clubs, and festivals across the U.S. as a headliner and opening act.  The band has opened for the Dave Matthew Band, Coldplay, Rod Stewart, Bryan Adams, Hot Chelle Rae, Pete Yorn, Anberlin, Cartel, Matt White, and more.   Alternative Addiction magazine named JD Eicher and the Goodnights as one of the top 10 unsigned bands of the year in 2011. In September of 2012 they signed a record and management deal with Rock Ridge Music.  The label has found success with Reel Big Fish and Rachel Platten along with Tony Lucca, Brendan James, Todd Carey, and Matt Duke.  

“Into Place” their third album released by Rock Ridge in September of 2013 was recorded at Sound Emporium in Nashville and was produced by Grammy-nominated producer Dustin Burnett (who has worked with the Newsboys, Augustana, Rush of Fools, Moriah Peters, Darling Parade).   It features the catchy tune “I’d Like to Get to Know” that is featured in their video.  The album is the third recording in a thematic trilogy that includes their first album “The Shape Of Things” (2009) and “Shifting” (2011) their second release.  The album titles combined together form the phrase:  The Shape of Things Shifting Into Place.  In interviews JD explains “Each installment has its own theme that ties into an overarching concept. The Shape of Things theme was life’s cyclicality; Shifting was a tumultuous, introspective journey through change, represented by the album’s shifting genres, musical motifs, and lyrical themes; and Into Place’s poise represents a coming of age, comfort in who you are.”  

 “Big, open-hearted pop songs with the type of expansive, reach-for-the-sky ambition that graces albums by Coldplay, the Killers and Death Cab for Cutie, among others.” - The Erie Times-News

 “mainstream likability that is both charming and contagious.” - Uniontown, PA Herald-Standard

Eicher has actually developed nicely as a wordsmith, vocalist and all-round creative artist.” – Scott Tady Beaver County Times / WYEP

JD Eicher and the Goodnights is a Pittsburgh/Youngstown band that just makes you feel good…. Some of their songs are sunny and upbeat and others are soulful, but either way they stick with you after they end.”  -Emily Laubham Blog

Into Place is a musical journey worth taking, the culmination of a gifted songwriter, whose voice captivates and moves, and a quartet of consummate musicians who bring it to life.” -Maree Gallagher Pittsburgh Music Magazine

Hear their music on stations Radio Free Tunes and Radio Free Americana

JD Eicher & The Goodnights Official Site

New Spotify Playlists

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Radio Free Tunes has moved its playlists again. shut off its support of embedded playlists.  So, we've switched to Spotify.  You can download Spotify for free and listen to it for free.  Artists contribute their music to Spotify in return for royalty payments for song plays.  Visit for details

New on Radio Free Pittsburgh TV - Great American Taxi

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New on Radio Free Pittsburgh TV - 2 videos from The Great American Taxi -
They are one of the best-known headliners on the jam band circuit.  Their uninhibited sound is a swinging concoction of swampy blues, progressive bluegrass, funky New Orleans strut, Southern boogie, honky tonk country, gospel, and good ol’ fashioned rock ’n’ roll.  Great American Taxi's music follows in the style of the New Riders of the Purple Sage, Grateful Dead, Wilco, The Byrds, and Little Feat.
Singer, guitarist, and mandolin player Vince Herman from Carnegie, Pa formed the band with keyboard player and singer Chad Staehly in 2005. Vince studied acting at the University of West Virginia and moved to Colorado to work on his graduate degree. He dropped out to join the Left Hand String Band with later became Leftover Salmon. Leftover Salmon became an popular Americana jam act and performed at the High Sierra Music Festival eight times, the Telluride Bluegrass Festival eight times, and the All Good festival three times, as well as gigging at Bonnaroo, Wakarusa, Dunegrass, Snowmass Mountain, Austin City Limits, Jazz Aspen, Beale Street Music and the H.O.R.D.E tour. the band went "on hiatus In 2002 when the band's banjo player Mark Vann died from cancer. Today, Vince fronts Great American Taxi.


Great new CD "Autumn Fires" from songstress Devlin Miles

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Enchantress Radio on proudly presents a shining new recording star Devlin Miles. Songstress Devlin Miles, who headlines at the Bitter End, Kenny's Castaway, and other top venues in the Northeast, has released her first full-length CD "Autumn Fires". With her strong voice, delightful lyrics, tuneful melodies and harmonies, and a great band Devlin's music is rocking good entertainment. 
Tune in to Enchantress Radio to hear the Sarah McLachlan/Linda Ronstadt like "No One Cares" and "Autumn Fires".  Feel the glow of summertime fun in the catchy pop tune "I Can't Wait" on station Radio Free Tunes.
Devlin, an accomplished songwriter, released 'Autumn's Fires' to a packed house of loyal fans at The Bitter End in December 2009. The songs on “Autumn’s Fires” were inspired by the cycles of life, love, loss, and the in-betweens. Among the 9-tracks on "Autumn's Fires" are: Rush-a melodic ride to Disneyland, No One Will Notice- a beautiful broken heart, The Extra Mile- fighting your inner demons, This Guy- watch out Bernie Madoff, You and Me- the subtext in between, Folding Chair-just settles in your head, Try- motivational, I Can’t Wait- ahhh summer, Autumn’s Fires- leaves you with a burning impression. The 'Autumn Fires' CD was produced by Devlin, Rye Randa of The Ontic in Los Angeles, and Billy Jay Stein of Strange Cranium in NYC.  Together the created a colorful robust sound and attention grab song structures.
Devlin's first 3 song EP "Miles To Go" sold out and is being released on i-tunes soon. It features the song "The Camera Fades" that received an honorary mention by the Great American Song Contest. The tune “Simple Life” was featured on an Indiegrrl compilation cd.
Miles’ musical style, melodic approach, enticing song structures, range from alternative rock, pop rock, and alternative country.  The positive upbeat feel of her music is reminiscent of Sheryl Crow, Pat Benatar, and Linda Ronstadt. Her music is uplifting, inspirational, and down right catchy. The "Autumn Fires" CD and songs are available on CDBaby  and iTunes. 

New Tunes from South by Southwest Fest on Radio Free Tunes

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New Music from the South by Southwest Music Festival

On station Radio Free Tunes
My Artifical Empire by Afghan Raiders
Feel It All Around by Washed Out
Maybe So, Maybye by Mayer Hawthore
Seventeen - Marina & The Diamonds
Terminally Chill by Neon Indian
Harmonix by Surfer Blood

On Radio Free Rock
Catholic Pagans by Surfer Blood
Ephemeral Artery by Neon Indian
The Islands by XX
When I'm With You by Best Coast
Fast Jabroni by  Surfer Blood
Surfer Blood

On Radio Free Americana
You're Not Coming Home Tonight by First Aid Kit

On Club Trance Dance
Mowgli's Road (Russ Chimes Remix)  by Marina & The Diamonds
My Artifical Empire by Afghan Raiders
Talk About Devotion by Afghan Raiders

On Enchantress Radio
Obessions by Marina & The Diamonds Relaunched

posted Mar 5, 2010, 10:36 AM by Paul Carosi   [ updated Mar 5, 2010, 11:07 AM ] Relaunched -March 5, 2010

The website is back online with a new look, new music video channels, and updated playlists. We bring you music from new artists along with a few of our favorites. Station Radio Free Tunes is once again featuring tuneful pop songs. Enchantress Radio is playing the magical music of enchanting female artists. New station Radio Free Americana features alternative country tunes. Radio Free Rock, Radio Free Jazz, and Radio Free Pittsburgh are back. Outstanding instrumentalists are again featured on Piano Forte Radio and Guitarist Radio. Tune in to the Ambient Electronic Sancuary for relaxing melodic electronic music and engergize your self to the electro-beat of Club Trance Dance went down on October of 2009. Geocities, the host site for was closed by Yahoo. Along with the loss of Geocities shut off it's embedded music players and disabled the playlists. With a new host site and music players from and, we've come back  to continue to bring you great new music. In the coming weeks we will be rebuilding stations Radio Free Blues and Radio Free Classical.

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