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Radio Training

Radio Communications Training Materials for Public Safety

Know Thy Radio Document

This document is an overview of some of the most common features and options in modern two way radios.  It is meant to serve as a  catalyst to get end users of radios to ask questions about how their radio operates so that they can fully understand its functionality and use the radio to their best advantage.  The questions at the end of each section can be incorporated into formal radio training, or the entire document can be used for self-study.  If you'd like to see this as a dedicated web page, let me know.

As always, if you have additional information you'd like to contribute, please contact me.

Know Thy Radio - .pdf

Radio Training Presentation 

This presentation is a series of slides that can be used to teach a number of radio-related topics to first responder agencies.  The materials in this presentation were gleaned from a number of sources, and at the bottom of this page are some links to some of those sources that were especially helpful.  Topics include radio bands, repeaters, trunking, narrowbanding, etc. etc.  

Please feel free to use these materials and improve upon them.  If you make improvements or have suggestions for improvement, please let me know.  Or better yet, make the changes to the presentation and email me a modified copy so I can post it here.  I'd like to make this a collaborative project if people are interested.  Some of the areas in the presentation (like rebanding) are pretty weak, since I don't know everything about everything,  so any contributions that would improve on what's there are welcome.  

And here are some links to other very helpful materials (if you have links to others, let me know and I'll add them):

U.S. Fire Administration/FEMA Voice Radio Communications Guide for the Fire Service - This is an excellent document that covers many different aspects of fire service communications.  It's long, but well worth reading.

APCO Narrowbanding Article

Adcomm Engineering Narrowbanding Resources

APCO Presentation on Narrowbanding

P25 Training Guide from Daniels Electronics

Wildland Fire Narrowband Training from fireradios.net 

Instructors Guide for Previous Presentation 

Public Safety Radio Training Presentation From CA 

Radio Training for MABAS