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Power Smart Pricing Monitor

The Power Smart Pricing Monitor is a small Windows application that normally runs in the Windows System Tray and displays a colored icon (Green, Yellow, or Red) based on the current price of electricity in the Power Smart Pricing program, along with an arrow showing whether the price of electricity is going up or down.  When the mouse is placed over the icon the current price of electricity (in cents per kWh) will be displayed.

When the icon is double clicked, a window will appear showing when the peak price will occur and when electricity will next be cheaper than it currently is.

The program automatically retrieves the pricing information from the internet and updates the information.  Right-clicking on the icon will display a menu with settings that can be changed.  This program is a work in progress and updates will be posted here as they become available.  If you have suggestions for improvement or feature requests please contact me.  This software is currently free to use but is still somewhat experimental and may not be totally stable.  Also, the Green, Red, and Yellow categories are currently hard-coded at less than 6 cents per kWh, from 6 to 13 cents per kWh, and greater than 13 cents per kWh.  This may become configurable in a future release. 

Download The Latest Version Here