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Fire Service Calculators

Pump Pressure & Flow Calculator

This page has two calculators.  One is used to calculate the required pump pressure needed to generate a specified nozzle pressure.  The other calculates the maximum amount of flow through a hose under the given operating conditions. 

Tanker Shuttle Calculator

 This calculator generates a report showing how much water is available one a fire scene on a minute-by-minute basis for the first two hours of a response.  The inputs are the  number, size, and cycle time of the tankers involved in the shuttle operation, as well as the initial response apparatus.

Tanker Shuttle Calculator - ISO Version

Very similar to the calculator above, but with some modifications to adapt it to the ISO 2-hour Water Deliver Test method.  This version allows you to specify an initial water flow (usually 250 gpm) that starts 5 minutes after arrival on scene, along with an improved water flow that starts 15 minutes after arrival on scene.