Radio Dukagjini Muzik

  • Dukagjin is a region in Northern Albania and western Kosovo, which contains the Prokletije, an extension of the Dinaric Alps range. The highest point is Maja Jezerce (2694 m).
  • indicating radiation or radioactivity; "radiochemistry"
  • The transmission and reception of electromagnetic waves of radio frequency, esp. those carrying sound messages
  • The activity or industry of broadcasting sound programs to the public
  • Radio programs
  • transmit messages via radio waves; "he radioed for help"
  • medium for communication
  • Muzik was a UK dance music magazine published by IPC Media from 1995 to 2003. Aimed at serious dance music fans rather than weekend clubbers, its writers included a number of well-known DJs, including Kris Needs, Rob Da Bank, Spoony, Terry Farley, Bob Jones and Dave Mothersole.
  • "Muzik" is a song by a South Korean girl group 4minute. Originally released in Korean, the song was used as the main promotion track for the group's debut mini-album For Muzik. In 2010 the song was rerecorded in Japanese as the group's debut single in Japan.
radio dukagjini muzik
radio dukagjini muzik - Apathetic
A wife…. A mother…. A diabolical sociopath…. Nestled in idyllic suburbia, the door to the Marshall house opens into rage, violence, greed, narcissism, sex, lies, neglect, abuse…. No one is safe… and there is no way out. Chris Marshall’s entire married life has been rife with Victoria’s infidelities and destruction. He’s trapped. One misstep and he could lose the only good to come from his unholy union… two innocent children growing up amidst the wreckage. Lindy has been nurtured with hate since the moment she was born. Now she is fourteen, and she will do anything to protect her little sister from the same fate—warn her to run away—to stay away—to hide from the monster that is their mother…. How do you cope, survive, prevail… when madness is a wild card that trumps everything?

Dr.Rexhep Boja,Kosovo administrator in United Arab Emirates
Dr.Rexhep Boja,Kosovo administrator in  United Arab Emirates
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Kosova / Rrafshi i Dukagjinit
Kosova / Rrafshi i Dukagjinit
Kosova / Rrafshi i Dukagjinit
radio dukagjini muzik
Akon: Muzik of a Konvict
This documentary follows the the life of Aliaune Thiam, aka Akon. He grew up in Senegal before his family (including his father, jazz percussionist Mor Thiam) returned to the United States and settled in New Jersey when he was seven. There he discovered Hip Hop for the first time, as well as crime. He was eventually jailed, but he used the time to work on his musical ideas. Upon release, Akon began writing and recording tracks in a home studio. The tapes found their way to SRC/Universal, which eventually released "Trouble," Akon's debut LP, in June 2004. The album was an interesting hybrid of Akon's raps and silky, West African-styled vocals with East Coast and Southern-styled beats. The success of the song "Locked Up" raised Akon's profile, and he followed up in the fall of 2006 with "Konvicted." Soon enough, two of the album's singles, "I Wanna Love You" and "Smack That," had made their way to the upper regions of the Billboard charts. Watch as we see how the only thing Akon is guilty of being Konvicted of is talented.