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New cool features in this release: Playlists Manager and Color Picker! is a small plugin for Google Desktop that enables you to play any music you want from your desktop !
It's a clone of the player (

Note: sometimes there could be some issues with servers, so don't panic if you can't load your playlist or search a song! servers problems are usually solved very quickly.


First of all, the is made to be launched out of the Google Desktop sidebar. Of course it will run properly if it's located in the sidebar, but it will not have a proper size.

  • Playlist view :

When you launch Google Desktop, you will have a view like this one of the gadget. The gadget was built to be very intuitive, so everything is simple.

On top part you have the song's title that is currently playing, the current duration, and buttons to start playing, to pause the song, to play the next one in the playlist and to adjust volume.

Above that there is the Playlist: here you can see the current playlist you've loaded and you can choose a song to play. By launching, you have a default playlist.

  • Search view :

Finally, on bottom part, there is the Search Panel: in the search field just type an artist's name or a song you want to listen, then press 'Enter' and the Search Results view appears with the songs that match your request. Then click on one of these songs and the gadget will automaticaly load the associated playlist and it will play this song.

  • Playlists Manager :

I've just added a new feature to the gadget: it's a powerfull playlists manager. You'll learn more about it in the "Gadget Features" part on this website.