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This is my Home Page on Amateur Radio Astronomy 

This site is augmented by an extension website at:
https://sites.google.com/site/radioastronomydm2/home ] due to the Google site limit of 100MB / site. 
Please look at both sites.

Please have a good look around as you may find items of interest in the following broad areas:

  1. Hydrogen Line mapping
  2. Doppler shifted emissions from Milky Way spiral arms
  3. Synchrotron emission maps at 1453 & 408MHz
  4. Interferometer detection of Crab Nerbula and Virgo A (M87)
  5. Detection of the Sun and Moon
  6. Detection of Cygnus A
  7. 11Ghz measurements
  8. Meteor Observations
  9. VLF and Meteors
  10. Sudden Ionospheric Disturbances
  11. Natural VLF emissions
  12. Details of construction of Antennas and Receivers
  13. Information on Spreadsheet processing of data
  14. Fast Radio Bursts
  15. Gravitational Waves

 3m Diameter Dish Antenna
for Amateur Radio Astronomy

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