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The History of Magic 828 through the years....
Magic 828 began when Radio Aire split its AM and FM frequencies to form 2 different stations.
It was launched by Roger Kirk at 8:28am on 17th July 1990 and the first song played was
Magical Mystery Tour by The Beatles. The station slogan was 'The All Time Great Music Station'
as it specialised in playing music from the 60's and 70's. The station name was created by
Bob Preedy who was a presenter on Radio Aire at the time.
This is the original 1990 schedule for Magic 828:
Roger Kirk (06:00)
Ray Stroud (09:30)
Magic Mix (13:00)
Peter Tait (14:00)
Nothing But The 60's (18:00)
Mike Vitti (19:00)
Alex Hall (22:00)
Superstation (01:00)
Weekend presenters included Johnny Moran, Steve Warren, Kev Roberts, Noddy Holder
& Jimmy Savile. Magic Sport would be covered by Tim White and Rod Studd.
From late 1990, following the closure of The Superstation, Andy Siddell took over
evenings and Mike Vitti presented Niteflite (simulcast with Aire FM).
From 1991, Mark Jones took over Breakfast, Graham Thornton hosted Evenings
and Tony Fogarty presented the Late Show.
Audio from 1990
In 1992, a slight change of schedule was introduced,
although the music remained of the same format.
Peter Tait (06:00)
Ray Stroud (09:30)
Magic Mix (13:00)
Andy Siddell (14:00)
Nothing But The 60's (18:00)
Kev Roberts (19:00)
Tony Fogarty (22:00)
Jason Cullen (01:00)
Weekend presenters included Steve Warren, Brian Cooke,
Bob Preedy, Wayne Dutton, Alan Watkiss & Allan Hollings.
By 1993, Roger Kirk had re-joined the station to take over the Late Show (after
spending some time presenting back at Hallam FM in Sheffield), while
Tony Fogarty moved over to Radio Aire FM (as Tony Collins).
Audio from 1992

By 1996, the line-up had only changed slightly,
with the non-stop music shows being removed from the schedule.


 By the late 90's, Magic 828 had changed it's music policy and began to play easy listening music
from the 60's to present. The station slogan was 'The Big Easy' and a new logo was introduced.
Around this time, other AM stations across the north of England within the Emap group (now taken
over by Bauer) had changed their names to 'Magic' and played music of the same format.
Peter Tait continued to present Breakfast and Andy Siddell had taken over Mid-Mornings, after
Ray Stroud had left the station to become programme controller of Stray FM in Harrogate. Previously
presenting on Radio Aire FM, Daragh Corcoran moved across to present Drive and Carl Kingston
took over Evenings, while Paul Stead also joined Magic 828 to present some weekend shows.
From 2001, Magic 828's programming came from Magic 105.4 in London, with other Magic stations
within the group. Only Breakfast, hosted by Peter Tait and Drive, hosted by Andy Siddell came
from the Leeds studios, although the news, weather, travel and commercials remained local.
By 2003, the station had reverted it's music policy back to a 60's and 70's format. The Magic
Network no longer came from London and started to broadcast from Magic 1152 in Newcastle.
Paul Carrington had taken over the Breakfast Show after Peter Tait had sadly passed away in
2002 and Andy Siddell continued to present Drive from the Leeds studios. Carl Kingston remained
at the station presenting shows over the weekend and covering holiday.
 In 2006, more networking was introduced as the Magic stations started to only broadcast Breakfast
from their local studios. By then, Glenn Pinder had taken over the show and Andy Siddell moved to
Newcastle to host the networked Drive programme. Carl Kingston presented Weekend Breakfast until
he left the station in 2008, after spending 23 years with Radio Aire and Magic 828.
Andy Siddell left the station in 2009 and moved to Canada, after 20 years with Aire and Magic.
From 2014, Magic 828 Breakfast started to be networked with Magic 1161 in Hull and Magic AM
in SheffieldGlenn Pinder continued to host Breakfast until he left the station in 2014.
Nick Babb took over the show for the 3 Yorkshire stations until early 2015, whilst the
rest of the programming came from Newcastle, Manchester and London.
Since 5 January 2015, the station has been known as Radio Aire 2 and is now entirely networked,
although the news, weather, travel and commercials remain local.
The Magic name has not gone forever, as Magic 105.4 FM in London is now National
on the DAB Multiplex, known as Magic.
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The History of Radio Aire through the years....
Magic 828 Archive is dedicated to
Peter Tait and Roger Kirk