Davide Radi, Ph.D.

davide.radi@uninsubria.it; d.radi@univpm.it; davide.radi@unibg.it; Davide.Radi@uts.edu.au)

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I am Research Fellow at the University of Pisa. I received my Ph.D. in Economics, Applied Mathematics and Operational Research from the University of Bergamo in 2014 (Dept. of Management, Economics and Quantitative Methods, Supervisor Prof. Gian Italo Bischi). My research interests include Credit Risk Modeling and Nonlinear Economc Dynamics with special emphasis on Evolutionary Games and Robust Games. I completed a MSc in Economics at the University of Urbino 'Carlo Bo' in 2010. Previously, I completed a BSc in Information Technology Management for Business at the University of Urbino 'Carlo Bo' (2007).