What's coming over the horizon?

  • I'm wondering what the future will bring
  • I'm facing a big decision, and could do with some perspective
  • I'm planning a major event. When would be a good time? When should I avoid?
  • I know big changes are coming, and would like some understanding about what they are going to be like
As qualified astrologers, we are in a special position to help with these questions.  No astrologer can forecast the future with certainty. Yet any competent one can give a sense of the landscape ahead: will it be easy terrain, or full of hidden traps and chasms? When will be the good times to act, when are times to wait and reflect? 

Our yearly forecast will integrate a range of predictive astrological techniques - usually transits, secondary progressions, solar and other planetary returns - to give the client a sense of how the land lies over the next year or more. 

Children's charts 

As any parent knows, every child is unique, and this is visible right from birth. The power of looking at a child's chart is to see the particular set of gifts, ways of being and challenges that each individual is born with and grows into. Understanding the astrological moon in a child's chart is especially valuable because it tells the adult about the default needs and emotions. Equally the astrological Mercury tells us about how a child best learns and communicates.

Although each child is unique, all of us experience predictable cycles in childhood (and throughout our lives). For example the first return of Mars to its birth position at about age 2 - the 'terrible twos' - is a process where the infant is first exploring how they assert themselves on their environment and get their needs met. The time when Saturn first squares its natal position around age 7 sees the child intensively exploring authority and restrictions in a way that reflects Saturn's position in the birth chart.

As well as the predictable cycles, each child will encounter different planetary influences, and detailed astrological investigation can shed light on how best to support their individual process of growth and physical, mental, emotional and spiritual development.