Achieving My Potential

  • Do you sometimes think 'is this all there is?' 
  • Do you know you've got more to give but aren't sure how?
  • Do you know what you are really good at?
  • Are you able to use your gifts and talents in your everyday life?
Sound familiar? There are many helpful ways to work with these fruitful questions. For us, everybody has great gifts, but sometimes they have been locked away, thanks to life experiences and everyday pressures. 

Services we offer which can help you unlock your gifts are astrology, essences and coaching.  One or a combination of all of these approaches can be used depending on your own individual needs.

The birth chart is the map of the sky at the moment that you were born, at the place you were born. It is a map of a unique moment in time. Astrologers believe that each of us is potentially an expression of the particular qualities of that moment. However much of our potential is hidden under layers of habit and social conditioning. A birth chart reading can help you to look at the potentials inherent in your horoscope and decide whether you are using them in ways which serve you or ways which don't. Astrology helps you to understand some of your more hidden motivations and behaviour patterns and sheds light on the possible causes, which gives us the freedom to make choices about the most constructive ways forward for us as an individual.
Working with plant, sea and mineral essences is a very effective way of unlocking our
potential. Click here to read our blog to see how the Pacific Essences' Bluebell essence helped Georgina.