About us

We started our practice in the Summer of 2010 after many years of studying and working alone.  When we first started working together as astrologers, we were looking to capture our approach in a couple of lines, and we began talking about the Hawaiian tradition of Ho'oponopono. This is an ancient spiritual tradition best translated as 'making what is right more right'. This sums up our approach to our practice. We each have a unique potential and unique gifts, and the job of the healer or the teacher is to help the individual to recognise these. 

Who are we?

Matthew Wyman: my interest in astrology dates from my teenage years, when it seemed like a good alternative to the flatland science I was being taught. After a brief diversion to study, live and work in flatland, I woke up again, returned to its study and practice in the late 1990s, and completed the Astro Logos Certificate in Delineation and Predictive Astrology in the Summer of 2010. Astrology is one way to try to bring a spiritual dimension and a glimpse of divine intention into everyday life. As well as astrological practice, I am an experienced teacher, having worked in a variety of educational settings with a range of age groups, especially young adults, since around 1990. I am also an energy medicine practitioner. Plant, sea and mineral essences have an amazing potential to help catalyze change, and support us to heal and grow. One quality shared by all of these is the opportunity for the flash of insight, the breakthrough moment which can change one’s whole reality. Another is the ongoing possibility to affirm the truth and significance of everyone’s lives, to act as a counterbalance to the disempowering stories the everyday world feeds us about what is important and meaningful.

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Georgina Spencer:
 I believe everything is connected and that everything we do matters, even the smallest thing.  More than anything astrology has confirmed just how connected we are to everyone and everything.  For as long as I can remember I’ve been interested in learning about alternative techniques.  I’ve spent most of my ‘everyday’ career working in universities and now work as an educational staff developer.  The skills I have learnt teaching have stood me in good stead leading workshops and courses on the alternative practices I am interested in.  I completed the Astro Logos Certificate in Delineation and Predictive Astrology in 2011, am Level 2 Reiki attuned, have just completed a Diploma in Feng Shui, and am currently studying personal coaching with the Coaching Academy.  We are all unique.  Understanding more about ourselves and the best expression of our ‘uniqueness’ can help us lead to more satisfying and rewarding lives.  I believe this combination of techniques allows me to help you do that.