Radiation limits to energy innovation is a PowerPoint presentation that can be downloaded and used to inform people about the safety of low level radiation.

Clean, safe, affordable energy from nuclear power can help lift developing nations out of energy poverty and also address global environmental problems from burning fossil fuels. But unwarranted fear of radiation from nuclear power plants, accidents and waste created opposition to nuclear power. The root cause of the fear is unscientific, politicized analysis, stratification, and cherry-picking of radiation and health effects observations. Opponents and regulators ignored contrary evidence to heighten public horror of global nuclear warfare. Cascades of scientific papers now are founded on deceptive publications dating back to 1956. This presentation reviews the old bad science, reanalyzes old data, and describes new understandings of biological response to radiation. Replacing the politicized science of LNT and ALARA with radiation safety limits will roll back unfound fears and unnecessary regulations, enabling world civilizations to prosper using nuclear power.

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