Good books about radiation

Good books about radiation

Radiation and Reason: The Impact of Science on a Culture of Fear
by Wade Allison
An expose of the fallacies of LNT, with many facts and real examples.

Radiation: What it is, what you need to know
by Robert Peter Gale, M.D. and Eric Lax
By a doctor who treated the Chernobyl ARS victims.

Radiation and Health
by Thormod Henriksen and biophysics group at UiO
An excellent, free book that can be downloaded.

Radiation Superstition
by Robert Hargraves, article in The Energy Collective

Low Level Radiation and Its Implications For Fukushima Recovery
by American Nuclear Society, June 2012

Radiation And Modern Life: Fulfilling Marie Curie's Dream

by Alan Waltar and Helene Langevin-Joliot

Two articles with extensive references for in-depth study.

The Linear No-Threshold Relationship Is Inconsistent with Radiation Biologic and Experimental Data

Risks Associated with Low Doses and Low Dose Rates of Ionizing Radiation: Why Linearity May Be (Almost) the Best We Can Do