Robert Hargraves is the author of Radiation: The Facts and this website, which seek to make the public aware that radiation from nuclear power plants is not a threat to public health. Radiation is safe within limits.

He has also written THORIUM: energy cheaper than coal, a book that makes the case that molten salt reactor technology with thorium fuel can provide clean, safe, inexhaustible energy cheaper than coal -- the only way to dissuade 7 billion people in 250 nations from burning fossil fuels -- economic self-interest.

Brief bio

Author: THORIUM: energy cheaper than coal

Energy policy study leader: ILEAD@Dartmouth

Vice president: Boston Scientific

Management consultant: Arthur D Little

Vice president: Metropolitan Life

President, DTSS

Assistant professor of mathematics: Dartmouth College

PhD, physics, Brown University

AB, mathematics and physics, Dartmouth College

Curriculum vitae CV