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Newly published!!  Paths of Blessing is a printed collection of spiritual writings 

compiled by the editor with writings by 

Martha Wing Robinson, Hans Waldvogel, Gerhard Tersteegen, Jeanne Guyon, 

John Wesley,  Andrew Murray,  Philip Mauro and many others.  

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The publisher of Radiant Glory - the life of Martha Wing Robinson has the following books, booklets, and tracts available. Ordering information is at the bottom of the page.

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Aimee Semple McPhersen:  Everybody’s Sister, by Edith L. Blumhofer.  An absorbing biography of one of the most influential and dynamic evangelists of the twentieth century.  According to one reviewer, it “offers penetrating insights into a woman who powerfully influenced the course of religion in America.”  Paperback, 432 pages, $14.99.


Concerning Spiritual Gifts, by Gordon P. Gardiner.  A timely book for anyone who feels “ignorant” concerning the nine gifts discussed by the Apostle Paul in I Corinthians 12-14.  The book has a chapter on each of the gifts of the Spirit and includes lucid explanations and examples.  80 pages, $2.50.  (Also available in Spanish, $2.50.)


“Here Am I, Send Me.”  This autobiography of Pearl G. Young, missionary to Taiwan, was first.published in installments in Bread of Life.  It is a fascinating story of how Miss Young heard the call of God when just five years old and gave her life to His service.  Her life and ministry have inspired many people the world over to serve Jesus and abide in His presence continually.  166 pages. $6.50


Out of Zion into All the World, by Gordon P. Gardiner.  A compilation of articles which appeared in Bread of Life from 1981-1986 showing the influence upon the Pentecostal movement of the ministers who had their roots in the Christian Church of Zion, Illinois, and in the Zion Faith Homes.  Paperback, $11.50.


Radiant Glory, by Gordon P. Gardiner.  The biography of Martha W. Robinson, a woman who blazed a trail “into the realm of God’s complete possession of body and spirit where… ‘Christ liveth in me.’” Paperback, $9.95 Hardcover, $12.95.


Treasures of Wisdom,  compiled by Gordon P. and Caroline Gardiner.  These quotations of Martha Wing Robinson are extracted from notes taken of her sermons and her public and private teachings, and from her writings.  It is an excellent little devotional book, with one quotation for each day of the year.  Cost: $6.95


Daily Manna—Gleanings from the sermons of Hans R. Waldvogel, compiled by Gordon P. Gardiner.  Available in spiral-bound booklet.  Daily readings are arranged month by month.  Cost;  $3.50.

Also available in spiral-bound calendar, with one daily reading on each page.  Cost: $9.50.


For the Glory of God by Anne Rose Eberhardt.  The life story of a former missionary to India, published

In 1985, when the author was 81 years old.  Her purpose in writing the book:  “that those who read will have their faith quickened—faith for personal needs or needs of loved ones and friends.”  Paperback, 60 pages.  Price $1.00.


Seventy-fifth Anniversary of the Ridgewood Pentecostal Church—This 124-page  booklet commemorates that event  by reflecting on the congregation’s history in two ways:  by exploring formative influences in the life of its founder, Hans R. Waldvogel; and by presenting a compilation of articles expressing the particular emphases that have nurtured its piety.  Also included are announcements of meetings and activities from  The Ridgewood Times.  Available in paperback; $6.50.


Her Heart Can See:  The life and hymns of Fanny J. Crosby by Edith L. Blumhofer.  An intimate, informed biography of the life and times of Fanny J. Crosby, the most prolific of all American hymn writers.  6”X9” paperback, 16 b&w photos, 380  pp.  Cost: $20.00.


Strahlende Herrlichkeit.  The German-language version of  Radiant Glory.  It is a very attractive paperback in which some parts of the English version, primarily of interest to American readers, have been omitted or abridged.  Considerable material has been added, especially from the November 1974 edition of Bread of Life that commemorated the centennial of the birth of Martha Wing Robinson.  Paperback,  $9.95. 

The Practice of Waiting on God by Rev. Jack Chow.  Jack Chow, conference speaker and seminar teacher, is the author of five books on Christian growth. This is his first in English. He has traveled extensively, sharing his experiences and insights on walking with God.  An attractive paperback, 100 pages,  $8.95 





Essentials of Successful Sunday School Teaching.  A booklet, which was distributed  in 1983 at a Sunday school Convention at the Ridgewood Pentecostal Church.  It contains articles by Hans R. Waldvogel, Helen Wannenmacher, Charles H. Spurgeon, and Gordon P. Gardiner that are valuable and helpful for Sunday school teachers and workers.  20 pages, $2.00 each; 10 for $19.00; 25 for $45.00.


From Sickness to Health, A. B. Simpson.  Dr. Simpson’s personal testimony of healing.  “Must” reading for every Christian.  8 pages, $ .10 each; 10 for $ .60; 100 for $4.50.


He Sent His Word and Healed Them, Elizabeth Schuster.  An inspiring testimony of one who was healed of a fibroid tumor.  12 pages, $ .25 each.


Immersed in the Fullness of God, Donald Gee.  A discussion of the full meaning of the baptism, or immersion, in the Holy Spirit.  14  pages, $ .45 each.


Seventy Years of Pentecostal Blessing, Alice Reynolds flower.  A detailed account of Mrs. Flower’s experience of the baptism of the Holy Spirit; it is also an invaluable record of the Pentecostal outpouring.  30 pages, $ .35 each; 3 for $1.00.


The Light of the Body, Hans R. Waldvogel.  An explanation of the Bible’s usage of “the eye” to refer to one’s spiritual eye, or inner man.  8 pages, $ .10 each; 10 for $ .60; 100 for $4.50.


The Message of Pentecost, Hans R. Waldvogel.  A short article on God’s purpose in launching the Pentecostal movement.  10 pages, $ .10 each.


The Ministry of Women, A. J. Gordon.  A critical examination of Scripture to justify and vindicate both the authority and the propriety of the ministry of women.  12 pages, $ .25 each.


Where has the Charisma Gone? D. G. Kehl.  A short article reprinted from Christianity Today on the need for Christians to daily appropriate divine grace in order to demonstrate genuine charisma.  12 pages, $ .10 each; 10 for $ .80; 100 for $6.00.

My King , by Frances Ridley Havergal.  Daily thoughts for the King’s children.  Readings for 31 days concern the actual present reign of Christ our King and the practical present life of His true subjects.  Paper cover with plastic spiral binding;  5 ½ “ x 8 ½”; 66pages; $3.00.                                                              


The Royal Invitation, by Frances Ridley Havergal.  Daily thoughts on coming to Christ.  Readings for 31 days based on the Royal Invitation to come.  Paper cover with plastic spiral binding;   5 ½” x 8 ½”;   73 pages; $3.00                                                                                                                                             


Who is Reigning Within You?  Selections from talks given at a conference at the Ridgewood Pentecostal Church in 1963 on keeping the heavenly connection unbroken. 7 pages, $ .25 each..


Is Jesus Christ in You?—A compilation by the Rev. Joseph Wannenmacher of testimonies of saints—St. Teresa, Madam Guyon, Brother Lawrence, and St. Francis de Sales—who sought and found the blessedness of Christ’s indwelling.  An excellent booklet for those who hunger for intimacy with Christ.  Price:  $1.50.


Jesus Only by Rev. A. B. Simpson.  The sermon preached in the Gospel Tabernacle, by

Rev. Simpson, on the departure of the missionaries to the Congo, April 24, 1892.  12-page,

51/2” X 81/2” booklet.  Cost: $1.00. 





Calling all Men.  A gospel tract reiterating God’s call to all men to turn to Him.  $ .05 each; 10 for $ .40; 100 for $3.00.


Divine Health, Henry Wilson. A short article from The Alliance Witness pointing out that divine healing is really divine health and that the center and source of this divine health is the Lord Jesus Christ.  $ .08 each; 10 for $.50; 100 for $3.75.


Inwardness, Martha W. Robinson.  A short and easy guide on how to “practice the presence of God.” $ .10 each.


Jesus Christ, My Physician,  J. P. Wannenmacher.  The inspiring personal testimony of Joseph Wannenmacher, a pioneer Pentecostal minister.  Also includes other testimonies of healing.  $ .10 each; 10 for $ .80; 100 for $6.00.


Stop the Funeral, Robert D. Kalis.  The funeral procession for the son of the widow of Nain is likened to a slow procession of those without Christ to the eternal cemetery.  A good gospel tract.  $ .05 each; 10 for $ .40; 100 for $3.00.


The Artist and the Gypsy Girl.  The story of the conversion of the German artist Stenburg as a result of explaining his painting of the crucifixion to a gypsy girl.  This same painting was also the means of conversion of Count Zinzendorf, the father of the Moravian missions.  $ .07 each; 10 for $ .50; 100 for $3.75.


The Battle of the Mind,  Peter Bruce.  A reprint from The Alliance Witness on how to win the battle against mental images and impressions of an objectionable nature.  $ .05 each; 10 for $ .40; 100 for $3.00.


The Lamb for the Donkey.  A teaching on healing based on the truth in Exodus 13:13.  $ .05 each; 10 for $ .40; 100 for $3.00.


The Power of Stillness, A. B. Simpson.  A good tract on the importance of quiet hours--times of waiting on God.  $ .08 each; 10 for $ .50; 100 for $3.75.


The Stillness of His Presence, Martha W. Robinson.  Some helpful suggestions on how to get into the presence of Jesus and find His victory day by day.  $ .10 each.



“Nothing is important but JESUS and abiding in Him.”  Hans R. Waldvogel.  Printed with a decorative border, 4 ¾” x 3 ½”; $ .10 each.


NOTE:  A sample packet, that includes one of each tract and booklet, except Essentials of Successful Sunday School Teaching and Is Jesus Christ in You?, is available for $2.50.


Ordering Information


All publications may be secured from:


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128 Mayfair Avenue

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