Radiant Glory - the life of Martha Wing Robinson 

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Radiant Glory - the life of Martha Wing Robinson
by Gordon P. Gardiner, was first published in 1962. Now for the first time  the entire volume is available on the Internet.  It seems fitting for this volume to appear at this time in this form so that a  new internet-based audience might learn from  Martha Wing Robinson's remarkable experience and life and, as Gordon Gardiner wrote in the preface, "be encouraged and inspired to go on ( to find) Jesus Christ in all His fulness." 

Out of respect for Gordon Gardiner, who passed away in 1986, the book is presented complete and unedited.  The many fine pictures that accompany the volume may be seen in the Illustrations.   

A short synopsis of the book, along with suggestions and other readings,  is available  in the  Editor's notes. For the reader unfamilar with Mrs. Robinson's life and ministry, this short overview is recommended. 

The publisher of Radiant Glory has many fine books, booklets, and tracts available. A complete list and ordering information is available on the Publication List.  

A new printed book entitled Paths of Blessing, a collection of spiritual writings by Mrs. Robinson and others compiled by the editor, is available for shipping.  It can be ordered here  - Happy Pilgrim Publishing.

As a complement to this website, please visit Leaves of Healing.   It is a  new website devoted to the life, ministry, and message of John Alexander Dowie.  It includes the full testimony of Martha Wing (Robinson)'s healing.

Mrs. Robinson lived and died in Zion, IL.  For some recent pictures of Zion including Mrs. Robinson's home and her grave site, please visit  Zion Today

Please contact me  at radiantglory@gmail.com with any corrections or suggestions. It is this editor's desire that everything presented here, including any links to other web pages, will be accurate and will bring honor to the One whom Mrs. Robinson loved so very much.

-  David K. Eames, May 2007


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