Scientific Program

CME Credits - Category  I  - 18 Hours

Royal College of Radiology, UK


Pre-Conference Workshops


19th February, 2008 - Tuesday


0800 to 1300 Musculoskeletal MRI –      Prof. Mini Pathria

MR Knee: Ligament Injuries
MR of the Elbow

MR of the Ankle Tendons

MR of the Hand and Finger


1400 to 1900 Neuroradiology          -    Prof Anne Osborn

                                                         -    Prof  PV  Jayakumar

The Newest New – WHO : 2007 Update on Brain Tumor Classification and Grading.

The Cerebral Microvasculature:  Why We See What We See – UBOs Explained

Film Reading Session

Advanced  MRI  techniques in the Brain

MRI in epilepsy



International Symposium and Conference


20th February, 2008 – Wednesday


0700      -                                                Registration Opens


0830      -  0915                                      Opening Ceremony


1000      -  1130   Contrast Media          Prof Sameh Morcos

Nephrogenic Systemic Fibrosis

MRI Contrast Agents – Old and the New

MR Urography



1200      -  1400   Musculoskeletal MRI      Prof Mini Pathria

MRI of entrapment neuropathies

MRI of shoulder injuries



1500      -  1700   Cardiac MRI          Prof Dudley Pennell

   Prof Sanjiv Sharma

Ischemic heart disease

Congenital Heart Disease

T2* evaluation of myocardial iron overload


21st February, 2008 – Thursday


0800      -  1030   Neuroradiology          Prof. Anne Osborn

                                                               Prof  PV  Jayakumar

Acute Stroke, Update 2008:  Managing Patients in the     Golden Hours.

Understanding Astrocytomas.



1100      -  1300   Womens' Imaging  Prof Rodney Resnek

                                                          Prof  Asma  Al-Dabbagh

MRI of uterine and cervical cancer

MRI of ovarian cancer

MRI of the Breast


1400      -  1600   Hepatobiliary MRI            Prof John Karani

MRI of Focal liver lesions

MRI evaluation of Cirrhosis

MRI evaluation of the liver transplant


1600      -  1630                                      Closing Ceremony