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Field Strength

Field strength:  Mean: 589 MP  Geomean: 129 MP 
(based on 38 players, 2 non ACBL player(s) ignored)

Field Strength Calculation

If field strength calculations have been included, the average (mean) and geometric mean of the masterpoint holdings of all ACBL players in the field will be shown. In a geometric mean, the mean is taken in a logarithmic manner. For example, the geometric mean of two players with 10 and 1000 MP respectively is 100 MP rather than 505 MP. Less experienced players drag down the geometric mean more than the arithmetic mean. A field with a high geometric mean should in principle be uniformly tough and offer few gifts. I have argued that geometric mean is probably more meaningful, at least for the distribution of players at tournaments. Note: in computing the geometric mean, all ACBL players are assumed to have at least 1 MP; this avoids taking log(0) and the downward skewing caused by players with only a small fraction of a masterpoint.

The field strength bar provides a visual indication of the field strength. The axis is logarithmic from 1 MP - 20000 MP. A 0-5 newcomer game would appear on the far left side of the bar and an NABC+ event would be on the far right side of the bar.

Explanation from ACBLMerge - Mathew Kidd