Regional at the Club FAQ

Hotlinks: "Pools 101", "Matchpointing 101" and "Scoring examples"

QWhat will the awards be?  
A: The top awards will be based on the average of the two top days of attendance during the week. Anywhere from 15-25% of the players who qualify, with at least two sessions, will earn gold points.

Q: Does my partner have to register?  
A: No, unless she, too, wants to enter the Regional Side-Series. They must be a current ACBL Member and provide their ACBL  number.

Q: Do I have to play at the same club each day?  
A: No.

Q: What if my club is not a member of TCG?  
A: Have them register by contacting

Q: What if clubs in my area do not offer games each day?  
A: Encourage them to add games.

Q: Are only "Open" games eligible?        
A: No. Limited/Restricted games are eligible as well.

Q: Will there be a daily LeaderBoard?  
A: Yes a link will be available on  Sample Here

Q: Does this cost the Clubs anything?  
A: No they are not required to do anything more.

QWill I still get my club black points?
A:  Absolutely,  the overalls are in addition to the club awards.

Q: What is the deadline to register?    
A: The deadline is midnight the night before the event starts.

Q: Can someone else pay for me?           
A: Yes

Game Time Questions

Q: Why are my reported game percentages different from what I received at the club?           
A: Your game score percentage will always be different since we re-match point your results against the ENTIRE CommonGame field.  (not just the field you played in at your  local club).  Sometimes this goes up and sometimes down. Please note that if you played in a small game, there can be a large swing in your % once it is matchpointed against the larger field.

Q: How do I see the detail board-by-board matchpoint across the field for my game?           
A: Log into with your ACBL number and click on the date in question. You will see a display of each board matchpointed at your club and matched pointed across the field.  If there are more negatives you % is likely to go down from that reported at the club. Please note that if you played in a small game, there can be a large swing in your % once it is matchpointed against the larger field.

Q: Can the Leaderboard be sorted? How do I find my results?           
A: The Leaderboard report may be sorted by clicking on the column header that you would like to sort by….clicking again reverses the sort.  Also, a great trick when looking for something on a large page is to use CTRL “f” for find and then type into the search window what you are looking for on that page.

Q: Are Pools similar to ACBLScore Stratifications "Strats"?           
A: NO!  ACBL stratification of A, B or C is not comparable to our “Pools”.  The ACBL strat is based on your masterpoint level.  Our Pool divisions are based on the strength of the field in which you are playing.  So, when you look at the leaderboard, you are seeing the Pool you are in, based on Field Strength. Results are grouped into three pools based on the Field Strength of the events in which the two-best scores were earned.  If players with fewer rather than more MPs play in your club game, you will likely be included in Pool C; if you play in a club game where players with lots of MPs play, you will be likely be included in Pool A. Each pool will have it's own set of winners.

QWhen will the Final results be posted?  
A: We anticipate posting the Final Result 12PM ET Saturday. We need to allow for late submissions and corrections. We will be sending a “Results" email to all registered players.
While results will not be final until tomorrow, you can go look at the leaderboard as it stands now. 
Good Luck

The ACBL stratifications of A,B and C did not apply in a REACH event. ACBL stratifications are based on a person's (or partnership’s) masterpoint level and were used in calculating awards for club game results. However, for REACH, players were not “stratified" but rather were put into “Pools” which were determined by the strength of the field in which the player played, not the player’s masterpoint level.  So while a player may have been in strat B for their club results calculations, that same player may have been in pool "Clubs" or pool "Spades" for REACH depending on how strong the field was that they were playing in. 

ACBL strats are based on players’ masterpoint levels. REACH Pools are based on Field Strength.

Remember that while you only played in one game on a particular day, you were competing in two different events; 
1) Your regular club game where players were stratified, results were matchpointed across the section or field in your club,  and black point awards, and 
2) The REACH event where your results were matchpointed across the entire Common Game field and you were place in Pools ("Spades" "Hearts" "Diamonds" "Clubs") based on Field strength (Geomean).

It is important to remember  that the final scores for REACH were calculated by averaging a players' two best scores from that week. And, their final Pool classification was also determined by averaging the field strength (Geomean) of the two best games.  So, even if two players played in the same game at their club one day that week, they may not end up in the same Pool for REACH. Their two best scores may have been from different days and therefore their results would be different. 

For your normal club game, your scores were matchpointed against either your section or the whole field that played in the club that day. That determined your Club % which will not be used by REACH.

For REACH, your scores were matchpointed, board by board, against the ENTIRE Common Game field for that Board (thousands of players played these boards). That determined your REACH field %. This was the percent used in determining your two best scores for the REACH for gold event.

Matchpointing:  At the end of the game, your scores for each board are compared against every other pair that played the same direction (N/S or E/W). (Each board is compared separately). Your matchpoint score is determined by this comparison, not by the scores on the scoresheet.  During the comparison, you receive (on each board) one matchpoint for every pair in your direction that you beat, 1/2 matchpoint for every pair that you tie, and 0 matchpoints for every pair that beats you. Your total matchpoints are added up for all boards and then a % is calculated based on the number of matchpoints you won out of the possible total number available.