Regional Event At the Club "House"
(REACH for Gold)


The Results for the REACH for Gold event are in!


Pool A: Tom Rutledge, Charleston SC 
Pool B: Sara Bellesheim, Bronxville, NY 
Pool C: Susan Wilson, Yardly, PA

 5-Day Side-Series Regional Pairs Event at Your Local Club 
(Nov 13-17, 2017)

During the week of Nov 13-17, the ACBL piloted a collaboration across the Chesapeake Regional, TheCommonGame (TCG), and local clubs in your area.  Individual players were eligible to win Gold Points based on their results in their Common Game "afternoon" games at their local club.  Anyone interested in seeing how this works, may view the Oct 30-Nov 3 Practice Event where the winner received a week of entries for their local  "Afternoon" club game.

Benefit for players  
Win Gold just by playing at your local Club.

How does this work for Players?

You pre-register and pay one $25 fee per player to be eligible for regional event awards (gold points) and then just play in your local Common Game "Afternoon" club games from Monday through Friday. You must play a minimum of two "Afternoon" games but may play in as many as five. Your two best scores will be used. When you arrive at the club, you will pay your regular club entry fee and will still be entitled to the normal club awards.  You must play in a club that is registered with TheCommonGame.

Prior to this five-day-long event, players pay the regional registration fee of $25 on-line.  Players then play in their local games at participating clubs, with the same partner or a different partner, it doesn't matter--you compete as an individual in the Regional Side-Series game and as a partnership in your regular club game at the same time.  Each day, the club results for registered players will be "match-pointed" across the entire TCG field.  The average of the resulting two best scores is used to determine your event rank.    Results are grouped into three pools based on the Field Strength of the events in which the two-best scores were earned.  If players with fewer rather than more MPs play in your club game, you will likely be included in Pool C; if you play in a club game where players with lots of MPs play, you will be likely be included in Pool A. Each pool will have it's own set of winners. 

Player Restrictions:

Must be an ACBL Member.  

Must play in at least two club games during the series in order to be eligible for overalls (there are no section awards).

Club Restrictions:  
(New Club sign-ups closed Wed 11/8)

A * indicates a late morning start (i.e. the morning game is actually part of our afternoon common game)

Clubs must be located in Participating Districts: Currently D3, D4*,D5, D6, D7, D8, D9*, D10, D11, D12, D24

*Clubs running concurrent STaCs may not participate:  Currently D13  & Units 168,121,217, 219, 240, 243

Clubs must be a part of TheCommonGame Afternoon event and use their hands. 

Clubs must agree to withhold results and hand records until 4:PM ET.

(Clubs may join TCG by contacting

****  News Flash ***

Winner: Phil Michaelson of the Village Card Club in AR 
Wins a week of afternoon club games on us!